Fun Games for the Classroom

Hey teacher! If you are anything like me you want to keep your classroom engaging and exciting when it comes to centers, transition times, independent work and every other time in between. Also if you are like me you struggle to find games that your students really enjoy. All too many times I have ordered… Continue reading Fun Games for the Classroom


5 Letter Recognition games for Preschool and Pre- Kindergarten

Remember in my last blog post when I discussed that I was going to be giving you a sneak into letter recognition games for early childhood? Well, I am still doing that but I am just going to go all in with this and share with you 5 NEW GAMES that I created.  I am too excited… Continue reading 5 Letter Recognition games for Preschool and Pre- Kindergarten


Games for Letter Recognition

As a teacher I know that it is really hard -and sometimes- can feel like it is impossible to teach the alphabet in a unique and engaging way.  Most teachers are looking for fun and exciting ways to teach the alphabet but they are unsure how to do this.  That is why I have compiled… Continue reading Games for Letter Recognition