Teaching CVC words in an engaging way!

Hello teachers and thanks for stopping by! I wanted to talk with you about CVC words today and how we can teach them in the classroom in a way that is fun and engaging! I know that a lot of students struggle with this concept and sometimes it can be tough for them to understand. However, students learn more when the activity is engaging! So let’s get started.


What Are CVC Words?

CVC words are three-letter words that consist of a consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC). These words are going to be easy to segment and sound out so many beginning readers will be able to sound them out to say and spell them. We as the teacher need to teach the students how to do this correctly. If your students can learn to sound out the letters and then blend them together, the will be able to decode various words and reading will be easier for them. CVC words are a wonderful please to start with this concept. It is going to be a challenge for some however it is one that can be overcome and will help boost their confidence as a reader. These words are 3 letters making it easier for them to sound out.


Teaching CVC Words

As a TK teacher I will introduce this concept to my class at the end of April, the beginning of May. There is a lot of teacher help that goes into this since typically they are not 100% ready for this concept. I want to introduce them to it though so they are aware of it when they see it in Kindergarten. I do not want my class to ever feel like they are failing at something which is why I made it fun and engaging for them. My rule of thumb is if your class is still struggling with letter identification this is going to be too tough for them. If they understand all their letters as well as their sounds, bring it on!


CVC Word Practice that is engaging

After you have introduced CVC words to your students and you feel that they are ready to learn more you need to make the time to teach them! I like to teach them as a whole group, and also in small group. Usually what I will do is I will introduce them concept as a whole group on the carpet and then I will go into more detail in a small group activity that I have planned. Once our small groups are done I will bring them BACK to the carpet and explain how we are going to have even more fun with these words! Allowing students multiple opportunities to learn is going to help them grasp this concept even more!


CVC Word Games

Let’s face it, if you want your students to learn that you need to help them be hands on with their learning. There are several ways that you can create an environment that is fun when it comes to CVC words. My students love Write the Room. I usually will start the year off with the Alphabet Write the Room activity and they LOVE it. Then when they are ready we move onto the CVC Write the Room Activities.

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Write the room is a great way to get students up and moving when it comes to their learning, They are able to grab their paper and walk around to look for various words thought the room. When they find the word, they write it down. A way for you as the teacher to check if they understand is to have them read the words to you when they are done writing them all down. I also walk around the room and ask the students which CVC word they are writing.


Each Write the Room comes with colorful cards and a picture to match the word. There are also recording sheets for your students to use!


Your students will enjoy all of the CVC word families with these Write the Room activities. They are going to help them stay engaged and get excited about learning. Remember that when students are engaged they will love learning and more of it will happen!

I hope that you are able to find these games exciting for your students. If you have any ideas on how to make the classroom a fun and engaging place, send me an email at classroomsandcats@gmail.com I am always here to answer questions and take suggestions!

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