Classroom Management Game for End of the Year

During this time of year the Spring Fever is really starting to kick in. Our students have magically forgotten how to behave! Tell me I am not the only one that this is happening to? Due to this problem, I decided to start with behavior goals in my classroom. This led to a fun classroom management game being set up!

When I first started teaching I had the clip chart like everyone else. Sure, it was ok but honestly I am embarrassed to say what I had these kids “clip down” for. Looking back it was things that were so petty I can’t believe that I was actually hung up on it. Thankfully I graduated from a clip chart and found a new way to help students keep their behaviors in check.


Interesting enough when you google behavior goals you are going to get a lot of articles related to an IEP for students. However, I believe that ALL students will benefit from behavior goals. A behavior goal is simply helping students create “learning to learn skills.” Often times the behavior that we focus on is the one that sticks. If we are constantly telling students “stop running!” Well, they hear RUNNING! and they go for it. By creating goals that are enforceable in a positive mindset we are setting students up for success.


When it is time to utilize behavior goals in the classroom, and get students excited about it I wanted to bring in a fun game so that students can love to make those great choices and my classroom management skills can shine. This is why I came up with Classroom Management Bingo!

Classroom Bingo is my FAVORITE because:

  • it creates instant engagement and buy in to appropriate behavior
  • there are so many different themes and boards to keep it interesting all year
  • can be used for a whole class, groups or individual students

Here is how I prep and use Classroom Management bingo:

  1. Choose a behavior that you want students to improve on. I always have a class discussion with my students. We talk about where we can improve and also examples on how we cam achieve the behavior. This is a great way to create buy in for the students!
  2. The behavior bingo that I use is digital on google slides! (wahoo!) so there’s NO PREP for it! Simply open it up and display on your computer, smart board, tv, etc.
  3. When students making the behavior choices that are acceptable you can pull up the bingo board and use the wheel to draw a piece.
  4. One the students have earned enough pieces (how you decide) they will the prize that was decided upon!

How easy is all of that? Your students are going to think this is so great! Be sure to check it out on to Teachers Pay Teachers page!