Journal Prompts for Independent Writing with Young Writers

As a teacher one of my favorite parts of the year is when students begin to write! It happens throughout the year when students are ready, but when it does happen it is something magical. Students are excited and eager to start writing. How can we help them become writers that are confident? With prompts of course!

Click on the photo to check out the March writing Prompts

How to Use Writing Prompts

These monthly writing prompts are great for fostering writing in young learners. First, you will want to pick one of the prompts for the students to write about. There are 20 prompts per month. What I love most about these writing prompts is that the beginning of the sentence is started for the students so they know exactly what they are writing about.

They can use the bottom of the page for their writing ideas. They can draw pictures in that section to remember what they would like to write about.

Why use writing prompts?

So, why are writing prompts something that is a must in your classroom? It gives your students that ability to expand their vocabulary, strengthen their pencil grasp and allows them to use phonetic spelling. I think of the three phonetic spelling is my favorite. I love when students sound out their words and make sentences.

Depending on the levels of your students some are going to be able to write a couple words and some a couple of sentences. When you are just starting out with writing prompts one way for students to feel successful is have them trace the sentence and then write one word about the picture they drew. This is the start to confident writers.

If you have a younger group of students these writing prompts would be a great addition to your small group activities. Students are then able to get your feedback on their work and even have the teacher there to help them sound out the words if they need some assistance.

Learning how to write can be tough however it can also be amazing! It is such an accomplishment for students. As a teacher you know that it doesn’t happen in a week and it takes time. Using proper tools and modeling your students will be writing in no time! As you know, remember to always encourage them and praise their writing skills.

If you are looking for a no prep year round way to teach writing, be sure to check out the daily writing prompts I have on Teachers Pay Teachers!

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