10 Self Care Ideas for a Teacher on a Summer Budget

Happy Summer teachers! We have all made it to the end of the year and we are ready to relax. We are still in this pandemic and there isn’t a lot that we can do right now…or is there? Trust me there are plenty of ways that we can recharge our batteries from this draining year that we all experienced. I wanted to share with you 10 self care ideas for teachers. I wanted to make sure that these were also affordable for all of us teachers. Hopefully you will be able to find something that works for you!

Self Care Tip: Read a Book

Teachers LOVE to read books, no matter what the occasion. I am not sure about you but I find it tough to make time for myself and the books that I want to read. There are a lot of great books out there no matter what your style. If you are reading for self care then try to pick a book that you are going to enjoy. Read something that you want to read, not something that you have to read. This will make it a lot more enjoyable!


Self Care Tip: Take up Yoga or Meditation

Yoga and meditation are 2 things that are great for self care. Yoga was a tough one for me to get into because I was so stressed out in the beginning. Once I committed to it and really found the flow, I enjoyed it. I also use meditation at night. I use the Calm app. If you happen to have Kaiser for your insurance provider, you get a year for free! How cool is that?! The app is great and has meditation along with stories, sounds and readings. I really enjoy it when I need to get my mind at ease.

Self Care Tip: Start a Gratitude Journal

A Gratitude journal is a great way to start the day, or even end it. The best part is you don’t need anything fancy for this. You can use a regular notebook if you like. You can also try out a journal that is made for this. There are so many out there to choose from as well you are sure to find one that is right for you. There are also so apps that are available as well. The possibilities are endless! The great thing about a grateful journal is it won’t take a lot of time for you. It takes me about 5-7 minutes in the morning to write in my journal. I simply write down 5 things that happened the day before (since I do it in the morning) that made me happy that day. They are never really ground breaking either. One day I wrote down I was grateful for the crazy dogs that were loving their walk when I was on a run. I mean, they really made my happy! Little things like that will make a big difference.

Self Care Tip: Podcasts and Music

Podcasts are my go to when it’s time for me to relax and think about anything but the classroom. It seems that there is a podcast for everyone these days which I love. Jot down a few things that you are really into and then head over to Spotify, apple podcasts or any other place you can listen and search to see if you can find something you like. I am certain that you will!

Self Care Tip: Get Outside

I know that things are weird right now but I have to tell you, I take to my backyard a lot. I have a little area with a couch and I go sit outside with my book and I read, or I will write blog posts like this one. Being outside makes me happy, and I love to feel the sunshine. Getting outside is a great way to boost your mood. If you are able to you can ride your bike, go for a walk, start a garden, plant some veggies…the list goes on and on of ways you can get outside.

Self Care Tip: Move and Groove

This goes back to the music section but I love it so much I wanted to talk about it on its own. Music can be such a release for so many of us and can make us feel so many emotions. I know that when I am cleaning the house, I have to put on some music to get me through. Ready for what I listen to? Queen. Give me ALL the Queen. Get together a rocking playlist and put it on so you can either rock out while you do the chores or just dance around with your family or by yourself. Moving your body and dancing is a great way to get it a little self care and let go of the day.

Self Care Tip: Reconnect with your friends

When we are so busy it can be hard to stay in touch with our friends, but often times they are our bread and butter when it comes to a happy and less stressful time in our life. If you have the right friends, they will be the ones to cheer you on and laugh with you for hours. There is so much technology that can connect us, there is no longer a reason to NOT stop by a say hello to each other. Get a virtual happy hour going and make time for friends. Sharing stories and laughing together will make a big impact.

Self Care Tip: Reconnect with yourself

It took me awhile to remember that there was a life before the classroom. It took me a minute to reflect on myself and how much I was sacrificing in the beginning. I had to take a step back and realize that I had hobbies and I still wanted to do them. Does that sound like you? It can be easy to lose sight of our goals and aspirations when we are taking care of everyone else. Is there a hobby that you want to take up? Is there a hobby you let go of and want to get back? Now is the time for that! I love to garden so I started up a veggie garden in my backyard and that is what I love to do. I also enjoy photography and feeding the birds. So guess what? I make time for that as well in my life. It helps a lot when you can block out time for yourself. What is a hobby you want to do?

Self Care Tip: Cut the cord

We don’t want to hear this one. I don’t want to hear this one. Getting off of social media is KEY to filling our cup and being able to recharge. I don’t know many people who take to social media to get re-energized. Sure social media is fun and it is a great way to connect with friends, family and other educators but you aren’t going to find mindfulness when you get there. Unplug for a bit while you are taking care of yourself and see if it helps you.

Self Care tip: At Home Spa

I know this one seems so cliche but hear me out. I love going to to spa as much as the next person but it bums me out when I spend all that money and it’s over in a couple of hours. Then I am back in traffic as I drive home trying to stay connected to the peace I just found. Rather than spend all the money at the spa I invest in things at home that will make me feel good. I order face masks on amazon along with hair masks, I get a new fun facial scrub to try out, or I get some new lotion for my feet. It may sound silly but it is something that brings me joy and allows me some relaxation. Have you ever tried to do anything with a face mask on? I mean, you can’t!

I hope that there are a few tips that you can use to help you find some self care at home this summer. If I missed anything and you want to share how you have self care please email me at classroomsandcats@gmail.com and I would love to chat!

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