Why you should be using Boom Cards

Hi Teachers. I wanted to share with you something I discovered this pas week: Boom Cards. Now I know that these have been around for awhile but I am just getting into them. Why? Well because I don’t have one to one technology in my classroom (however after this I am SO going to try and get some iPads). But I found out a lot of cool things about Boom Cards and I wanted to share it with you.


Boom cards are also known as digital task cards. They are a great way for students to brush up on there skills. They are are a lot of fun and easy to use! Here are a few reasons why I love them so much:

  • NO PRINTING, CUTTING, LAMINATING (Hello time saver!)
  • INTERACTIVE- Students are engaged with the activity
  • SELF-GRADING- The students get feedback on how they performed

You will receive a link to the task cards on the Boom Learning website when you download this resource. Then you will be directed to sign into your account or create a free account. All purchased decks can be found in the Library. They are accessed and used on the Boom Learning website. There is no need to download, save, or print!

To use Boom cards, you must be connected to the Internet. They play on modern browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge). Apps are available for Android, iPads, iPhones, and Kindle Fires. Use this resource on a tablet, computer, or Smartboard!

How to use Boom Cards in the classroom

I had a lot of questions when I first discovered Boom Cards and I did quite a bit of research. Let’s have a little Q&A about what you need to get started with Boom Cards.

  • What kind of account is needed?

The pricing for Boom Learning is very affordable. If you are a teacher who will have 5 students or less, and you are not going to be making your own decks then you can obtain an account for free! Head on over to Boom Learning’s site to the find the account type that would best meet your needs.

  • Do I have to have an iPad for Boom Learning?

You can use an iPad to play Boom however it is not necessary. It will also work online with a computer or even on interactive white boards! You can also use Boom on Tablets via the app they offer.

  • How do I assign decks to my students?

The first step is you need to purchase you Boom Decks. You can head over to my Teachers Pay Teachers page and purchase decks there! I have one that is free for you to try out as well.

What are the benefits of Boom Cards In the classroom?

1. They are self-checking

I don’t think that I need to say much else. These are a big time saver for me because when the students are done I simply login to my account and I can see how each of my students did. It is a break down on the correct answers vs wrong, how long it took them and the % correct. It helps me assess my students without them even knowing it.

2. Students Get Immediate Feedback

I love that the students are given the feedback right away. When you are using physical cards the student really has no way to tell whether or not they are getting the correct answer. However when they use Boom Cards™ they can see right away what the correct answer is. This works out great for me because I can log into my platform and see what the students need help with. It is great for lesson planning.

3. Engaging

What kid doesn’t like to be on the iPad? I know that my whole class does! These are “games” to the students and they allow them to play something that they like. Keeping students engaged is key when we are in the classroom and this does the trick. What I love about it is that students can go to various decks that are assigned to them and choose what they want to play. You as the teacher can see how long they played it for and how engaged they really were.

4. Bring Technology into the Classroom

Although you may not have a device for every student in your room, if you have a few this would be great for a small group or independent activity. If you do not have devices you can also project these games on your smart board and have your students play as a whole class. That way you are still bringing in the technology while allowing all the students to be engaged.

5. Assessing your Students

As I said earlier, these are a great way to assess your students and see what they need to learn, or what they are excelling at. Boom Cards provide the teacher with a great tool for assessment. You can also assign these decks for students to play at home, which makes it a great homework assignment! There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to Boom Cards in the classroom!

Head over to Boom Learning and set up your account to see if you like what you see! I know that my class goes through the decks like crazy! I am sure that yours will love them as well!

Do you already use Boom Cards? I want to hear how you are utilizing them in your classroom! Email me at classroomsandcats@gmail.com and tell me how you are planning to use them in the Fall.

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