Classroom Must Haves from Amazon


We all know that Amazon is the place to go when it comes to teacher things! A while back I created an Amazon Must Haves List, but it doesn’t stop there. I wanted to create even MORE for all the teachers out there. So I went through and started to think about what I buy from Amazon and why I love it. I want to share it with you as well! So here we go, a brand new Amazon Must Haves list!

Amazon must have #1: Rolling Storage Cart


This rolling cart is so perfect for the classroom. I don’t know what I would do without mine. I use it for students mailboxes. They each have their name on a drawer. What I love about it is that they can easily find their name and put their own items away. It’s a win win for everyone!

Amazon must have #2: Flair Pens


I don’t think that I need to say much more other than flair pens. These are my favorite pens of all time! I love the way that they write and they make my lesson planning, note taking and calendar so much better. These are a total must have for any teacher!

Amazon must have #3: Colored file folders


I love having colored file folders in my room. Why? Because they make the decor look so much nicer, plain and simple. I am moving away from the filing cabinet system in my room and these file folders are perfect to be out on display because they look like they belong in the room. There are so many different colors to choose from as well!

Amazon must have #4: Stylish file organizer


If you are going to have some fun file folders then you need to have an amazing file organizer as well. I love this rose gold one since it goes with my classroom. There are a lot of other ones out there but this one I feel can’t be beat. A great color and it is study so I know that it is going to last. This is a great place to store your classroom files that you access, students information or even copies to by made. If you have someone who does your copies for you (you lucky duck!) they can come in and grab this file organizer and then take it with them. The best part is that they can organize as they copy for you as well!

Amazon must have #5: Recess duty sunglasses


Recess duty sunglasses are a must for us teachers. There are two things about recess duty that can really be a downer: first is forgetting your sunglasses and the second is getting hit in the face with a ball and your sunglasses breaking…it’s happened to me teachers! Wearing expensive sunglasses on the playground has not done me well so get a cheap pair of them that you can keep at your desk so they are always there.

Amazon must have #6: Anchor chart paper


In my classroom anchor charts are a must for the kids. I use them for just about everything. The kids love them as well. Although the paper is expensive I love to use is. I am able top pre-make my anchor charts and I know exactly where they are because this paper all sticks together! There is also a cardboard front that will fold over the top to keep everything secure. Anchor charts are perfect for so many things, I will save that for another post! But be sure to grab this paper if you want amazing charts!

Amazon must have #7: Multicultural crayons

These crayons are a must in the classroom. I love to use them because I have students that are various skin tones (we all do!) and it is so great to have students be able to match their tone when they are doing their monthly self portrait and name writing activity in my classroom. These crayons are just a great way to ensure that everyone in your class feels welcome and has a place.

I know that there are SO many other teacher must haves from Amazon so I would love to hear what yours are! Email me at classroomsandcats@gmail.com to let me know what you can’t live without when it comes to Amazon!

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