How to Create a Virtual Field Trip for your students

Hey teachers! Thanks for stopping by! I have had a lot of teachers reach out and ask me about the virtual field trip that I took in my classroom to Disneyland. I wanted to share with all of you exactly what I did so that you can bring some magic to your class as well.

I have linked all the videos on this blog post for you to see. I just want to remind you to always pre-watch videos that you are going to show to your class. You want to make sure that they are safe and fun for them!

How to Get Ready For Your Virtual Field Trip

Ok, so here we are and we are SO ready for a fun trip! What can you do with your kids to make it fun and exciting? Well, you can go on a field trip! The best part about the virtual field trip is you are able to control where your class goes, and it’s free! I decided to take my class to Disneyland, I know that there are SO many other great places to go so if you have a suggestion please email me and let me know I would love to write about it!

It was a lot easier for me to make a video for you to watch so please CLICK HERE to check out the video of my how to! But I wanted to give you a few tips and tricks on how to make it memorable and run smoothly for you if you decide to also take the trip!

1. Get everything lined up and ready

Just like the classroom, there is nothing worse than getting really excited for something and then having it come crashing down. You want to be prepared for the class so you can focus on having fun with them. What I did before the zoom call was I cued up ALL my videos in the order that I wanted to present them. That way I knew exactly what was going to happen next.

Fun fact, I love making lists now. It is my jam. It would really help you to make a list of what you want to do and the order it should be done. This can help you stay organized.

2. Get the students excited

I knew that my students would have Disney apparel and items so I made sure that they brought them to the field trip. I asked them to wear their ears, shirts and bring their stuffed animals that were Disney. This made it feel extra special and gave an added element. I also asked them to pop some popcorn if they wanted, or to bring their favorite snack to the trip. Disney is WAY better with your favorite food!

3. Explain the procedure

When we first started the zoom call I explained to the class that even though we are having a fun time, we are still going to be following the class rules that are set up in Zoom. We are not shouting out, we will not un-mute ourselves and we are going to respect each other when we are talking. This makes the trip a lot nicer and the students really did like being given the opportunity to share their fun stories without being interrupted.

4. Get Excited!

The first thing that I did for the class was we GOT EXCITED! I pumped them up and I made sure that they knew I was really excited to help them have a good time on this trip. I wanted them to know that I was just as excited. Remember that your vibe attracts your tribe and you DO NOT want to be the quiet calm teacher when it is Disney day. You need to let yourself GO and have a great time with the class.

5. Set Everything to FULL screen

Remember that you want the students to see the most so when you are sharing your screen do not forget to click full screen at the bottom of the YouTube video so they can see it all!

How I organized the trip

I wanted to make sure that were watching and moving and engaging at rates that were going to keep the class excited. Remember that I have 5 year olds in my class so I needed to be sure that they were engaged. The first item that I started with was the parade. I told them how excited I was and just like at Disneyland when you walk down Main St. you might see a parade. We watched the parade and I made sure to encourage the students to dance along!

After we had moved our bodies it was time for us to get on a ride. Thanks goodness the line wasn’t too long! (Another plus to the virtual trips!) We headed over to Frozen Ever After and the kids were so excited. I found a YouTube video that someone had taken while on the ride. The class LOVED it. I would high recommend this one for your trip as well.

After we had the parade and the ride it was time for a directed drawing. I used How to Draw Winnie The Pooh from Disney animation studio but I will be honest, the kids didn’t love it. It was a little old for them. So I would recommend heading over to Art for Kids Hub on YouTube and having your class draw one of the Disney characters that he has done. They are great and age appropriate which I love.

After we did our directed drawing we headed over to the Slinky Dog Dash and went for a spin. This was a fun one since it was a faster roller coaster. Again, this is one that someone had filmed while they were on it. It was great because the students got the element of the people screaming. I could see them swaying and putting their hands up as they were watching. It was a lot of fun.

After the roller coaster we took a little break with some Cosmic Kids Yoga. I LOVE Cosmic Kids and I use it often in the classroom as well. I chose the Moana yoga for my class. Each of the sessions is about 30 minutes long. It was too long for my class so I just cut it down to 15-20 and it was perfect. That is another joy of virtual trips, you can control how long something lasts!

After the yoga I explained to the class that it was time to go home and that all things must come to an end. You can’t go to Disneyland and not watch the fireworks so that was our finale! I found a firework show and we watched it until the end while we ate our popcorn and our snacks.

The field trip as a whole took a little over an hour and my students were engaged and excited the whole time. I would recommend this to another teacher because it is a fun way to get the students excited about learning. Sure, we had other things that we could have done but guess what? I don’t remember what they were. I do remember the amazing time that I had with my students and I am certain that they remember the same!

I would love for you to tell me about a field trip that you took virtually with your class! Also, let me know if you have a great blog idea. Email me at Erin.merrill@gmail.com to chat. I am a real person and I will answer!

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Here are the links that I used for my trip:

Disneyland Parade

Frozen 2 Ride

Art for Kids Hub: How to Draw Disney Characters

Slinky Sog Dash Walt Disney World

Cosmic Kids Yoga: Moana