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10 More Activities for your Virtual End of the Year

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Hey Teachers! I am back with Round 2 of all the great things that you can use for your kiddos while you are doing virtual learning! I have a lot more resources to share with you! When you click the photo, you will be taken to the resource in a new window. Happy Shopping!

1. End of the Year Character Awards

End of the year Awards are such a big thing with teachers. We love to let our class know that we saw all the improvements that they made throughout the year and praise them for their good deeds and hard work. I think that awards ceremonies are so much fun especially when you do them in class. I love this resource because these awards are digital so you as the teacher can create the award and send it out to your kiddos via email! What a great way to let them know that you are still recognizing their hard work!

2. This Year was Super Craft

Ok, I am a sucker for a good craftivity. I am. Anyone else just love a writing assignment that goes with a cute craft that the kids can make on their own? I mean, these are one of my favorite things to do when I am in the classroom. This craft with writing prompts is so darling and would make a great talking point at your zoom meeting. Have students create the craft and complete the writing prompt and share with each other via zoom what they wrote! A great way for handwriting skills and verbal skills to come together.

3. End of the Year Memory Book

Memory books are a great way to have students remember their year. I know that there are several teachers that will make a memory book for the students who do not get a yearbook, This memory book is a lot of fun for kiddos and has lot of space fo them to write their favorite things as well as talk about themselves. This is a great alternative to a yearbook. Students can also fill out the All About Me section and share it with their classmates via zoom or however you meet!

4. Memory Progress Book -FREEBIE!

This is not only a memory book but it is also a progress book! You can show progress with this flip book of each student. It is easy to create and will show how your students have grown over the year. I think that this would be a great way to start the year, and give students lots of confidence in their abilities at the end of the year. I also love that is a FREEBIE for you all! A great resource at a very generous freebie price point.

5.2nd Grade End of the Year Math Review- FREEBIE!

Here in California we get nice weather ALL. THE. TIME. It is hard being a kid and wanting to just play outside all the time and being told no. This math review would be a great way to keep kids on track but also gives them plenty of time to be outside playing. There are math prompts for the students to answer and solve, but they are very age appropriate and will provide students with just enough work time. This is a great way to have students stay on track and not have TOO much of the Summer Slide. Another amazing freebie from a TpT Teacher Author!

6. End of the Year Review for 2nd Grade

The end of the year review is excellent for students. There are times when you can assign some of this over summer to help the students stay on track. If that is not something that you are going to do you can also use this review to ensure that students have grasp the concepts that are being discussed in class. With 6 or so weeks left to go, this would be a great resource to grab!

7. Social and Emotional Digital Task Cards

Digital Task Cards are truly a life save right now! I am loving using them with my students for various concepts. Using them for social emotional is a GREAT way to implement technology into the lower grade levels. Let’s be real, kiddos have A LOT of emotions right now and so this is a good way for them to realize what they are. This might also spark a conversation about how we can take care of ourselves and our emotions.

8. This Year Rocked! End of the Year Book

Another awesome memory book for your students. This one has a lot of room for coloring, drawing, and writing. There are so many different activities to do in it. Your students will love to create their own book for a fun way to remember the year! They will have a blast working on this. Send it home towards the end of the year so that students have the opportunity to work in it during summer. They can take time to reflect on how this year rocked!

9. End of the Year Digital Memory Book

I love that this memory book is digital! This is a great way to get your students engaged and excited about the end of the year. This would be a great to have students share their memories with their friends during their virtual meeting. You could have the students send back the completed page to you and you could share it with their classmates and they could discuss what they completed. This is such a fun way to keep students excited while learning online.

10. Bitmoji end of the year Awards

These Bitmoji end of the year awards are so great! I don’t know about you but I LOVE to use my Bitmoji in class any chance I get. My students LOVE it as well so this is a great idea to get them excited! There are so many different awards so this is a must check out for any teacher looking to spruce up their awards!

I hope that you can find some amazing resources in this blog post that will make teaching a little bit easier for you as we continue to embark on this distance learning journey! If you have a resource that you want to share with others please email me at Erin.merrill@gmail.com so I can discuss it on a future blog post!

I hope that you are hanging in there. Just remember that what you are doing is amazing and you are rocking it! Feel free to reach out anytime if you want a shoulder to lean on or to chat!