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9 End of the Year Activities

Hey Teachers! Many (if not all) of us have been told that virtual learning is the new way of teaching until the end of the year. I know that when I heard that is how it was going to be I was frustrated. Why? Because I have SO many amazing activities for the students at the end of the year and I wasn’t going to be able to do them. I immediately started creating things that I can do with the class to keep them engaged and excited. Then I thought to myself “Hey, I bet there are other teachers looking for things to do as well!” So I reached out to the teacher community to see what they have to offer an I want to share it with you all today. If you are interested in any of the products they are linked so simply click the banner and it will take you to it! Some of these activities are task cards while others are no prep, centers etc. All of these activities can be given to your students and taught via zoom or through a packet that you provide. I hope that you find what you are looking for!

1. ELA and Math Centers for the end of the year

I was so excited when 1st Grade Fireworks shared this product with me to share with you. It is perfect for the end of the year and also a great activity to do in a small zoom group with your class. I love that it is a fun beach theme as well (perfect for the end of the year) There are so many concepts in this resource as well such as:

  • Nouns, Verb, Adjectives Sort
  • Contraction Matching
  • Punctuation Practice & Sentence Cards
  • Matching Game & Fishing For HFW Game
  • HFW Flip Book ( Fluency Practice)
  • Writing Prompts 
  • Even / Odd ( Numeral / Place Value / Ten Frames )
  • Double Digit Addition / Subtraction ( No Regrouping)
  • Math Fluency Practice Sheets

Be sure to check it out if you are a teacher of firsties to get them excited!

2. Language Arts FREEBIE for End of the Year!

As a teacher I LOVE freebies, and I especially love the ones that are engaging and exciting for students. This one fits the bill. This is a great language review that can be sent home with your class and then also worked on via zoom either together or in small group. Be sure to check this out to add to your end of the year activities.

3. Sight Word Sentences for End of the Year

A is for Apples did a great job putting together these amazing sight word sentences that are geared for summertime. This pack includes read-trace-write-glue sentences with a summer theme! Students read, trace, and write the sentence. Then, they have to cut out the words in the sentence and glue them in the correct order.

I said that I love freebies as a teacher but I also am obsessed with NO PREP! And these are just that, a no prep end of the year activity for your class. What I love about it is you can either print them out and send them home, or you can email one directly to the parent and they can print it out at home. There is nothing special that is required for set up. My students LOVE sight words and I host a zoom meeting just on sight words for them and it is always a hit. Be sure to check this out for your kinder kiddos!

4. Advice for Next Year Kiddos

I was so excited when Draz’s Class said that I could share this with all of you! It is a great product and really helps your students this year reflect on what happened, and helps them prepare the incoming class for their journey. There are brochures that are included to help students write about reading and math. There is even a section so they they can describe the teacher! It is a lot of fun! The best part is she is willing to edit this product to fit your needs so if you reach out, she is there to help!

This is a great activity to send home in a packet with your students a few weeks before school lets out and have them discuss their time in the classroom. I know that the incoming students would love to hear from pas students to ease their minds.

5. Summer Foods Number Identification

Another wonderful activity from Draz’s Class is this awesome summer foods number coloring. Students need to practice simple number identification with this activity. What I really loved about this was that there is a hard copy as well as task cards for it! If your students have devices at home they can simply go on and work with this. Such a time saver! I thought that it was great for Kinder and first grade. Be sure to check this one out!

The best part about it is that when you are back in the classroom, you can still use either the hard copy or the digital copy for your students!

6. End of the Year Memory Book

I LOVE this idea for students! An end of the year memory book is a great way to help students remember the amazing times they had in class with you and their friends. This is a memory book that is editable and digital. It is a great way to add your own photos and create a slide show.

When you purchase this activity you are getting a black an white editable version and a full color digital copy. The full color will be on Powerpoint. This is a wonderful resource for your child or your students. You also have the ability to take your time with it since it is digital, there is no need to race around and ensure that everything is done by a certain date. You can always email the file to the students! I love this idea. Be sure to check it out!

7. Second Grade Summer Review Packet

We have all heard of the summer slide, and that is something that as teachers we hope can get smaller over the summer if the students have fun activities to work on when they are not at school. Believe to Achieve made this amazing resource to help students out of that summer slump. This book is great because there are 16 pages that are also half size so it does not take up a lot of space. Another easy print and go activity so it is a time saver. There are several math activities in here to keep students busy but also engaged and excited about their learning!

8. Eld of the Year Awards for Students

At my school we always had fun awards for the students at the end of the year. In my class they were not academic they were just fun to show the students that I saw what a great job they were doing all year round. What I love about these awards is that there are 2 choices: Black and White or full color. They also come with a matching lady wrapper! How cute is that?

If you would also like to have an awards ceremony there are props and invitations as well for you. Just because we are not in school doesn’t mean that your students can’t have a great awards ceremony! The invites can easily be emailed out to parents and you can host the ceremony via zoom and then email the award to the child. Teachers are creative, I know that you will find a way!

9. Preschool No Prep Summer Review

This last resource is one for the littles. A preschool no prep summer packet. I have found that when students are younger they like to work a little bit. I created this resource with the younger students in mind. Even though they may have not been to school before this would be a great resource to introduce students to school work. Or you can also send it home with your students at the end of the year so they can continue to learn and grow even though you are apart from them. There are 65 pages of fun and engaging math and literacy activities for young students in this packet. It is NO PREP which makes it a time saver!

I hope that you can find some amazing resources in this blog post that will make teaching a little bit easier for you as we continue to embark on this distance learning journey! If you have a resource that you want to share with others please email me at Erin.merrill@gmail.com so I can discuss it on a future blog post!

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