Activities for Kindergarten Math- A Guest Blog Post From The Average Teacher

Hi teachers and thank you for stopping by! I am so thrilled to have a guest blog post by The Average Teacher, Kayla. Who by the way is anything BUT average! She is passionate about math for younger students and I reached out to her and asked if she could share her tips and tricks for keeping young students engaged during math time. The best part about her advice? ALL of these items are in fact, average items that you can find in your home or classroom. They will not cost you a lot of money, and I am sure that you already have some of them out and about. So let’s get into kindergarten math! Enjoy the read!

As a former kindergarten teacher, I know the challenge of trying to keep those precious babies’ attention all day long! Developmentally, kindergarteners NEED a ton of time to play, move, and have fun. There is a ton of research supporting this idea, and I admit, when I taught kindergarten as a first year teacher…I did NOT have this down! Now after spending several more years teaching older grades, I feel I have finally figured out the science of making math fun. I only wish I had figured it out back then, because there are so many fun activities for kindergarten math!

7 Fun Activities for Kindergarten Math

Today I’m sharing with you 7 of my favorite kindergarten math activities. All of these activities are hands-on, easy to prep, and inexpensive. In fact, you probably already have everything you need in your classroom!

1. Make 10 Memory Card Game

This kindergarten math activity is easy to set up – all you need is a deck of cards! Start by removing the tens and face cards. Lay the remaining cards face down. Students will take turns flipping over two cards at a time. If added together they make 10, they get to keep both cards and go again. If not, they flip them back over and their turn ends. The game ends when all cards have been collected. The player who made the most matches wins!

If desired, you can use less cards in the game to make it more manageable. Just make sure that all the cards you do use have a match!


2. Domino Matching

This activity also uses cards, but dominoes as well. Lay out the cards in order (1 (ace) through 10), and then have students place dominoes that show the same number next to each card. This is a great activity to practice subitizing, number sense, and basic addition!


3. Subitizing Stack

This math activity for kindergarten helps students work on their number sense, and specifically subitizing. To prep this activity, all you will need is cups and index cards.

On each index card, you will write a pyramid of numbers (see image for example). The pyramid can be as big or as small as you like. Then, you will write the same numbers on each cup differently than you wrote them on the index card. For example, you might use a 10 frame, tally marks, dots, or number sentences in place of writing the actual number.


Students will work to stack the cups in the order that matches what’s on the index card. This activity helps students become more flexible with numbers and learn different ways to represent them.

4. Lego Counting

Practice counting or skip counting with this quick and easy activity for kindergarten math! Grab some Legos and label them with numbers. Students will work to stack them in the correct order. This activity makes a great math center that is easy to prep!


5. Life Sized 10-Frames

One thing my students have always enjoyed is taking everyday math tools and manipulatives and super-sizing them. One way to do this with kindergarten would be to make a life sized 10 frame!

You can easily make one on the floor with tape, or grab several bins or boxes and lay them out. Use items the students are interested in (stuffed animals, toys, etc.) and put them in the bins as you practice making numbers. Or, if your 10 frame is made out of tape, use the students as your manipulatives! Your kiddos will love becoming part of the math lesson.


6. Sticky Note Matching

There are so many ways to use this activity! All you need is a poster board and several sticky notes in two sizes.

On your larger sticky notes, write several numbers and stick them on the poster board. On your smaller sticky notes, write number sentences that equal the numbers on the larger notes, and stick them off to the side of your poster. Students will work to match the smaller sticky notes to the larger ones!


7. Subtraction Bowling

One last kindergarten math activity is subtraction bowling. All you need is 10 “bowling pins” (toilet paper rolls or empty water bottles work perfectly!) and a ball. Set up your bowling pins and have students take turns rolling the ball to knock down the pins. As each student takes their turn, have all the students right down a subtraction sentence to show how many pins are still standing.


 hope these activities for kindergarten math have inspired you! For more ideas on low-prep, inexpensive ways to make learning more fun, follow me on Instagram. You can also check out my blog, The Average Teacher, where I share even more ideas!

What are your favorite activities for kindergarten math? Let me know!

This has been a guest post by Kayla from The Average Teacher. Kayla is a teacher in Texas and has taught kindergarten, 3rd grade, and 2nd grade. Kayla’s passion is helping teachers make learning more fun for students, especially in math.


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