Alphabet Games for Kids

Hi teachers and thanks for stopping by. Is there anyone else who is so excited for Spring Break? Ok, I have to admit that I have 7 weeks to go! But I am ready for it! Until that week comes, I am still responsible for making sure tiny humans learn in a fun and engaging way. As time progresses, it does get harder to keep them engaged with beginning sounds. I want to share with you a few games that I use to keep students engaged and excited when it comes to beginning sounds and learning the alphabet!

Let’s take a look at some items that I use in my own room to keep my students engaged.

Beginning Sounds Alphabet Puzzles

These puzzles are all the rage for beginning sounds. I am sure that I have mentioned it before but did you know that research shows that students who are engaged will retain MORE information than those who aren’t? Think about it. When we as adults are doing something we think is boring what do we do? WE CHECK OUT! We start to think about other things, we begin to wonder why we are wasting our precious time. Sure, we may look like we are engaged in whatever is going on but we aren’t. Kids are the same way. They may look like they are paying attention to you, but they aren’t. Not my class though I KNOW when they aren’t paying attention.

Beginning sounds games are great for students of all levels. Kids love playing games, and as teachers we can use them to assess student learning. This game can help us assess the following skills: uppercase letter recognition, lowercase letter recognition and beginning sound recognition. Can students identify both letters? one letter? the sound? This helps us gather better data on students as well since the game is engaging.

When I created these games I also wanted to make it easy for the students to see as well as grab. All to often there little hands have a hard time grasping small pieces. These games are larger for them to see and hold. Since I also teach Transitional Kindergarten I know what it takes to get those little minds excited about learning.

Dragons Love Tacos Alphabet Freebie


How fun are these? I created this activity with students and teachers in mind. If you are an elementary school teacher chances are you LOVE a theme, so why not Taco Tuesday in the classroom? This is for sure going to get students excited about learning. You can tie it in with your lesson by reading the book Dragons Love Tacos and then do a fun activity with these cards. I like to place them around the room and assign each child a letter to go find. It gets the students up and moving, and also helps them with memory as well as letter recognition. The best part about this game is that it is FREE in my TPT shop!


I love these matching games as well for the class. They are always a hit with my class! What I really like about them is that I made sure that they were big enough for their smaller hands. As I mentioned earlier often times games that are made for kids still have pieces that are too small. These alphabet matching cards and the perfect size for the kiddos! There are also several ways that you can use them. I wanted to make sure that you could also differentiate groups so that all students can learn.

This is a great game for Pre-K up to Kindergarten. I love to use them in my classroom in the beginning of the year for an assessment. The students do not know that I am assessing them since they are just playing a game, but I am able to get the data that I need while they play. It’s a win win for everyone!

I Have Who Has Alphabet Matching Game

I have, Who has is a game that my students LOVE to play! It helps them with their letters as well as what comes before and after letters in the alphabet. Each child is given a card and we begin the game. In the beginning if the year we always start with the letter A and work our way through. As the students start to get really good at the game I will start at a different letter aside from A. This is great because the students think that they are playing a whole different game, while teachers know it’s the exact same thing!

I made these cards in both uppercase and lowercase format so that the students are able to practice both. This makes it a little more challenging. To mix things up try to combine the two decks together and see if the students can identify both uppercase and lowercase! It is a really fun game for the class. You can check it out HERE, or click on the photos!

Alphabet Letter of the Week

I know that it seems the letter of the week has gotten a bad wrap lately, and a lot of teachers are moving away from it, however I find it to be really beneficial to my class. I teach more than one letter a week course, but there is one that we really focus on. I also go in order of the alphabet so some are easier than others for the students. One way that I am making the letter of the week more fun for the class is with these awesome additions:

Each letter comes with various activities to help the students be more engaged in their learning. These activities are wonderful for morning work, small group, fast finishers and other tines in your classroom. They are a great addition to the curriculum and will help keep your students excited about learning.

There are 6 different activities for each letter. Some of the activities would be great for homework to bridge the home and school gap as well.

These are just a few of the items that I have to offer when it comes to alphabet recognition. As you can tell, alphabet and sight word activities are my jam and I love to help teachers help their students learn them faster and more effectively. I want learning to be a fun experience for students, not just sitting in a classroom all day. I hope that my items help you make your classroom a more engaging place.

I want to know what you use in your classroom. How do you make learning fun and exciting for your students? Email me at Erin.merrill@gmail.com to let me know. Also, I love to collaborate so if you have a blog idea that you would like to share with this community please reach out to me and we can make it happen!

Happy Teaching!