7 Books for St. Patrick’s Day

Love is still in the air, however it is time to talk about how lucky you are to have your students! As teachers are getting ready for spring and March, we are also gearing up for those leprechauns to enter into the classroom. If your class is anything like mine they are excited to have them visit! We always start the month of with a lot of fun books. I have put together a list of 7 books to read aloud to your class.


This book is so much fun for St. Patricks day! I love to read it to my class and have them count along with me as well. It is wonderful to have the math element in this book as well. We can count the leprechauns as we go. If you want to get really sill with your class this March, read the book backwards so you are counting from 10-0!


Another class favorite for me is How To Catch A Leprechaun. I read this to the class and then we discuss how we would catch a leprechaun. If you are interested in this book series be sure to check out my How To Catch A series... on Teachers Pay Teachers! I have created some great resources for teachers to help them bring these books to life. If you are working with your class on fun STEM activities, this would also be a great book to read before creating a leprechaun trap.


Natasha Wing does it again with this clever book about St. Patrick’s Day. What I love about her books is that they are relatable since it goes to the tune of “The Night Before Christmas.” When I begin to read these books the students are engaged and excited to hear the story. The pictures in these books are also great for students. There is a lot of color in them and detail. This book is a great one to get conversations going in the class about what will happen next in the book.


Pete the Cat is always a favorite in my classroom. The students LOVE Pete and his low key personality. I like to read this book and discuss how Pete handles the situation and the problem that is is facing. He wants to catch a leprechaun so what do you think he is going to do? I ask questions like: do you think he will try to do it alone? Will Pete want help from his friends? What would you use to catch a leprechaun? When the book is over we discuss the outcome and how Pete handled it. Was Pete sad about the leprechaun? How did Pete feel when he saw the leprechaun? This book opens up a lot of great opportunity to discuss being a good sport when things don’t quite go your way.


This book discusses the Leprechaun family and their amazing St. Patrick’s Day! It will take you through their marching, dancing and all their fun. My students love this book since it is about a family. We discuss if leprechauns do have families. We also talk about what they like to eat and do as a family. When this book is over, I put on some Celtic music and we have a parade of our own in the classroom. This books lets you have a lot of engagement when it is all done.


What do leprechauns do exactly? Well, they plant gold and follow rainbows of course? This book takes students on an adventure with the leprechauns and helps them better understand what the do. It also talks about the mischief that they love to get into. After the story, you can talk with your students about how they are like a leprechaun and ask them if they like to get into mischief or not!


My class LOVES Christmas even when it isn’t Christmas. So this book is perfect for them! Anything that is Gingerbread related is the perfect fit for kids. Can you imagine what your class would do if you read this in March and then made a gingerbread man? Perhaps you surprise them and the gingerbread man is green and made of a sugar cookie?! This book allows for you to rock your lesson and treat the students to something sweet in March. Ok I do have a disclaimer: I didn’t do a gingerbread man in December because there was just not enough time to get it all done between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I chose this book because it can be my time to do the fun activity! Anyone else with me on this one?!

These 7 books are sure to bring a smile to your students faces and encourage them to get excited about St. Patrick’s Day. I know that there are so many more books than these ones! What are your favorites? Please email me at Erin.merrill@gmail.com and let me know! I would love to add them to the list and help educators get even more books!