7 Reason Why Teaching is for me (even when I think it’s not)

Teaching is the best…it can also be really, really tough. I don’t say that it can be the worst because I don’t think that. I think that there are days where I ask myself at least 3958 times WHY I wanted to do this (these days are usually before spring break and summer break!) However, it never fails that after I have one of those days the days of WHY I wanted to be a teacher fall right behind it. Throughout the 10 years that I have been a teacher I think I have seen it all. I have decided that I was meant for this. I was meant to hang out with little people all day long, the rest of my life. Here are the reasons why I think teaching is the best job for me.

Why Teaching is the best #1

1. I have a lot of secretaries.

When you are a teacher your honestly don’t have to do much for yourself. I mean, if I leave anything where it isn’t supposed to be, within minutes there will be a little human either giving it back to me or placing it where it belongs. Lost my keys? A simple chant of 1,2,3 eyes on me will give me the attention of 25 pairs of eyes to help me hunt. Am I cold? Good thing that Ellen wants to help me and fetch my cardigan. Do I need a pencil? Well, John is right there to grab me one. The only item my students won’t grab for me is my coffee – because we need to be safe! That coffee is hot. JUST KIDDING! Teachers don’t drink hot coffee, it’s always luke warm.

Why Teaching is the best #2

2. My teacher BFF’s

Teacher friends make best friends. When I first started at my current school 6 years ago I had no idea what I was getting into. As it turns out these teachers here are amazing. They always make sure you are doing well, and we check in on each other often. We ensure that everyone has what they need and we are there to lift each other up. I have heard stories of teacher staff who are so unkind to each other and people dread going to work. Not me. We are so welcoming and I have never felt out of place here. To top that off, I also happen to know where the cheez-its are in my neighbors classroom and I have a microwave in another teachers room. We know when our colleagues need chocolate or coffee and we know when they need an ear to listen or someone to bounce an idea off. The idea that I can reach out to any teacher here and ask for help is a feeling that can’t be beat. When you find a school like that I suggest you stick with it, they are hard to find.

Why Teaching is the best #3

3. I am super cool in my classroom

Did you know that when I wear my Star Wars lightsaber skirt in the classroom everyone will listen to me? All the students will ensure that I have their attention and they will always sit on the carpet nicely and listen to what I have to say. You see, in the life of a 5 year old I am one cool chick. Sure, there are adults who think I am crazy when I am out in public with some of these outfits but the kids think that it is awesome.

If I get anything new, my hair done, or have cute shoes on they will let me know how amazing I look. They love to tell me that they love all the things. There really hasn’t been a day that has gone by in the 10 years of teaching that I have not received a compliment from one of my students. The great thing about this is that I also get to compliment them. Have you ever tried to build self confidence in 5 year olds? It can be tough but it is so rewarding. Telling them how their shoes make them look fast or how their hair makes them look fierce is such an awesome thing to do.

Why Teaching is the best #4

4. They will keep me in check

Students will tell you all the time how awesome you are, but they will also let you know when you need to step up your game. I mean, they are little so their filter isn’t 100% just yet. There was a time when I came in without makeup on and was told “Mrs. Custer I thought you were mad at me all day because your face is red, but now I think you don’t have makeup on.” Thank you student, thank you. As soon as you start to build up too much confidence in the classroom they make sure to bring you back to reality with their comments. However this is something that shows me they are comfortable enough in the classroom to talk to me about how they are feeling. Sure, kids have said some things that we needed to chat about afterwards but for the most part they are just making observations.

Why Teaching is the Best #5

5. No two days are the same

Never have I walked into my classroom knowing what to expect. Sure, I have a lesson plan and I know what I WANT to do, but you are dealing with real life humans. Little humans who have feelings and needs, and everyone is different. There are days when everything on the lesson plan gets accomplished and I walk out feeling like a million bucks. There are also other days where 1 thing gets done and I leave worrying about if I talked to every child that day. The struggle is real. For me I love the change. Doing the same thing over and over does not sound like my cup of tea. Just know that the days balance each other out. As long as your class knows they are loved at the end of the day, it’s all good.

Why Teaching is the best #6

6. The read aloud books are great!

Here is the nest thing about teaching, you can bring in your own elements to it. I LOVE to read and I want my students to love reading as well. So when it comes to teacher read aloud time, it is no surprise that I pick the books that I loved when I was a kid! Of course I have new books as well but they are also books that I love. Have you ever had someone speak to you in monotone? Remember how boring that was? It is the same thing for kids and their read aloud books. I have to get into the book I am reading to keep the students engaged and excited about it. I have to ensure that they are focused and remember what the story is all about. There are so many amazing kids stories out right now and I wouldn’t get to read them otherwise!

Why Teaching is the best #7

7. You get breaks when needed!

Did you really think that I was going to leave this one off? Summer break here I come! (ok, in 6 months but still). I do A LOT of work during the year so when summer comes around I love that I can relax with The Price Is Right and plan a vacation with my husband. Christmas and Easter are also times that we are given off to recharge our batteries and get ready to come back into the classroom. These breaks are much needed because teaching is hardly a 40 hour a week job. Many teachers work so much more than their allotted time. Why? Because we love it.

Is teaching exhausting? Yes. It is hard? Yes. Does it sometimes make me cry? You bet. However I am a teacher. I can’t see myself doing anything else. I love the students and my classroom is my second home. There is nowhere else I would rather spend my days…okay, I would love to spend them with my cats all day but that’s another blog post.

Are you a teacher? I would love to hear why you think it’s the best (even when it’s not!) Send me an email at erin.merrill@gmail.com. Also, if you have any ideas for a blog post I would love to hear them!