Getting the most out of Teachers Pay Teachers

Hey teacher! I am so glad that you are here. Let me ask you a question. Have you ever been scrambling for a lesson and hopped on Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) so that you can get what you need? I know that I have. Hey, even when I am not scrambling I am still hopping on to buy what I need for a lesson. I love to support other teachers at their small businesses. I am here to share with you some tips and tricks on how you can get the most out of TPT as a teacher.

Teachers Pay Teachers Tip #1: Follow your Faves

Did you know that you can actually follow your favorite teacher authors when it comes to Teachers Pay Teachers? I was unaware of this until just recently and now I am so excited about it. By following your favorite teacher authors you are able to see their products on your front page when you login. I especially love this because it saves me a lot of time searching for various products. I have the select authors that I LOVE to buy from. I know that their products are high quality and will get the job done in my classroom. I don’t like to waste time either so knowing that when I login I am going to see who I want and the products that they offer makes my heart happy.

Teachers Pay Teachers Tip #2: Look for Sales

As a teacher I can’t tell you how much I have spent in my own classroom. Well actually I could tell you. My husband is a CPA and I have a spreadsheet for everything that I have purchased. It is a little embarrassing the amount of money that I spend. Even though I am do spend my own money I am careful about what I spend it on. I love teaching but I don’t do it for the millions of dollars so I am frugal when it comes to what I purchase. TPT makes it a little easier for me to see what makes the most sense when purchasing something.

Buy in Bundles

TPT offers teacher authors the ability to sell in bundles. This just means that we can bundle up items that are similar and sell them at a discounted rate to our buyers. One of my best selling bundles is my Door Decor Bundle. By bundling all my door decor and selling it together I am able to offer a discount to my buyers. I love to create products for teachers but I also love when I can save them some money as well.

Look for a Sale

TPT will often have a back to school sale on their website. They also offer a few other sales throughout the year such as a Cyber Monday sale and a Teacher Appreciation Sale. These special sales allow teachers to save up to 25% on their total purchases. It is so amazing to take part in these. I know that as a buyer I always keep an eye out for these sales! Sellers can also set their own sales with up to 20% off for their buyers. This is also why it is a great idea to follow your favorite teacher authors. You will be notified when they are having a sale which allows you to save more.

Take advantage of your Wish List

Use that wish list sister! I love to add the items I want to purchase to my wish list. That way when there is a sale I don’t have to go digging through the site finding what I want. I simply go to my wish list and add to cart which items I am ready to purchase. Again, this is a huge time saver for us teachers. Be sure to take advantage

Teachers Pay Teachers Tip #3: Leave Feedback

Did you know that when you purchase an item and leave feedback you get TPT credits? And even better those credits make it so you pay less for your next purchase? YES! On the TPT website they let buyers know that they earn credit for every purchase. Each dollar that you spend turns into one credit. For every 20 credits, you will get $1.00 to apply to your future TPT purchases. This is a great tool when you are buying bundles. Maybe you decide to splurge on a bundle of products that will make your life that much easier. Well, after you download the product and use it be sure to leave feedback on it. You get your credits, and then you can purchase another bundle or some other fun activities for your class. My friend Sarah from Little Learning Corner has a great blog post that goes int more depth. Be sure to check it out here.

Teachers Pay Teachers Tip #4: Use Social Media

Many teachers have social media accounts that you can follow as well. This is a great way to stay connected with them and see what they are up to. A lot of us will use our social media to talk about sales that we are having, or specific products. I know that I use my instagram account to talk to my followers about specials and promotions. Be sure to take advantage of that!

Teachers Pay Teachers can be a great supplement for the classroom but it can all add up. Ensuring that we are spending our money wisely can help us teachers make sure that we have everything we need for less. If you use Teachers Pay Teachers I would love to hear about your favorite teacher authors and products. Send me an email over at Erin.merrill@gmail.com to let me know! I would love to feature it in a blog post!


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