Boost Morale with your Teachers


Let me ask you a question. What kind of school are you at? Are you at the school where everyone works together and is awesome? Are you at the type of school where there are a just a few of you who try to make things great for everyone? Is your school the one that has the reputation of the teachers and admin being total jerks to each other? I have heard horror stories. HORROR stories from other teachers who have admin that do not back them up. teachers trying to sabotage lessons and being mean girls. Did you know that there are schools that have cliques? WITHIN THE TEACHER SQUAD!!! WHAT?! I admit, my school is fantastic. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is the best. We always lend a hand and nobody is afraid to ask for help. We all make sure that we make each other laugh and keep each other in the loop. We love to work together. My favorite? When my teacher friends have a specialty down in my neck of the woods and they stop in to say hello. It makes me so happy. They could just walk right on by and go about their business but I love that we take time to talk to each other. It truly is awesome. Then I got an idea: how can you boost moral in your school setting to make it a better place to work? I came up with some Ideas that hopefully teaches can use!

Boost Teacher Morale #1: Leave love notes

You know the look that the student gives you when you send a note home saying how great they are? The way that it makes you feel when you get to send that note home and make their day? Do it for your teachers as well! It is so easy (and free!) to write your fellow teachers notes just to say how awesome they are. At my school we have a Staff Shout Out! board and I LOVE it. We shout out each other and the really cool things that we do as teachers. A little note in a teachers box letting them know that you see them being a great teacher is always a welcome gesture.

Boost Teacher Morale #2: Seek Out QUALITY Professional Development


Whether you have been a teacher for a year or for 50 years we have all had the professional development that was in fact NOT professional development. It was more someone talking at us for hours on end leaving our brains mush and us walking away thinking about our classrooms and how we need to grade papers. Finding quality professional development for teachers is another way to boost morale. Last summer I was given the opportunity to attend the SDE conference in Las Vegas with 2 other teachers. A couple of other teachers attended Get Your Teach On. When we got back we were all on fire. We were so ready to take on the year. The best part about it was so many teachers bought into it with us! We were able to lift each other up and get each other excited about the year ahead. If you have the time or the chance, make sure that the professional development you are attending is worth it. It makes a huge difference!


Boost Teacher Morale #3: Show Kindness to each other

The funny thing about being a teacher is often times students will show affection. Working with the younger students the hugs are limitless in my classroom. The students will often say that they love me and are happy to be at school. I love them too, and I am so grateful that they feel this way. What if we talked to other teachers like this? Why do we just say good morning in the hall? Why don’t we stop to give a hug and ask how they are? Why don’t we high five each other as we walked by? Telling that teacher “Hey, you are rocking it today!” can make a huge difference. If you think about it us teachers spend more time at school that we do at our own homes. Working with each other makes the days go by a lot smoother. Try the high five or the hug, I am sure it will be well received.

Boost Teacher Morale #4: The “Friday” look

This is just a fancy way to say “hey, be a little more casual on Fridays, we don’t mind.” As teachers I know that this is something that has to go through our administration but let me tell you when I am wearing jeans, I am Michael Scott when he gets to wear jeans. I am a new woman. I feel like I am on top of the world.


The only thing better than wear jeans, is getting to wear jeans with a teacher tee. Honestly I LOVE me some teacher tees. I also feel like the boost morale. I love that teachers at my school are wearing them more often. I have a great TK SQUAD shirt. I love it. Another favorite of mine is anything from Lipstick & Littles. She makes the best shirts for teachers! And she is having a Black Friday sale people, so be ready! I love her Dream Team shirt. It just lets everyone know that yes, you are in fact on a dream team with those you work with.

How cute is this shirt to boost morale?!

Boost Teacher Morale #5: Set Up a Mentor Program

New teachers, seasoned teachers, new to the school teachers…we are all in need of a mentor. We have all been there. We walk into the classroom and have no idea where to start. What are the expectations of me? What if this fails? What if the kids have no interest in me? Teachers don’t need a mentor only when they are new. I know that I would have loved a mentor when we purchased new curriculum. Being able to talk to another teacher about how my lesson went would be an awesome way to boost morale.

There are so many ways that you can boost morale at your school. If you have any ideas I would love to hear them! Send me a email over at Erin.merrill@gmail.com to let me know how you make your school a great place to be!