Stitch Fix Review #7

Well here we are back in the swing of the school year! Not only did my classroom get a make over (more on that soon!) but I have been working on giving my wardrobe a makeover as well. Stitch Fix has helped me SO much with that. It took me a long time to get on the Stitch Fix Train and even when I did, I was certain that I wasn’t going to like anything they sent me. Let me tell ya sister I was wrong. I love my box every month and often want to keep more than one item! However I do limit myself to 1-2 pieces these days. I love how versatile everything is. Now that I am on month 7 I am also starting to get items I can wear with a previously purchased item making myself have even more outfit choices. Let me show you what I got this month!

What is Stitch Fix? 

For those of you who are new to the blog or to Stitch Fix here it what it is about. 

Stitch fix is an online styling service where you can have your own personal stylist. When you go to Stitch Fix you will see that it is free to sign up. You can create a profile with clothing preferences. You also get the opportunity to put in your size information. When you are all done with that, you can schedule your first fix! Once you schedule your first fix you will pay a $20 styling fee and you will be matched with a stylist. They review your profile and hand select 5 items for you. The Stitch Fix box is then shipped to your home for free. Once you get the box you have 3 days to review the clothing and return any unwanted items. They even send you a return envelope to make it easy and free to return your items! One part about Stitch Fix I love is that if you purchase anything from the box, your $20 styling fee is deducted from the clothes that you keep. Ready to try it out? You can sign up for Stitch Fix today and build your profile.

Stitch Fix Review Item #1: V-Neck Top

BRINA & EM Lemmy V-Neck Top SIZE: M $38.00


This top does not look all that flattering in the photo and it didn’t look like something I would wear when I took it out of the box. I decided that I would give it a try anyways and see how I liked it. When I put the top on I noticed that it was longer in the back than it was in the front. SCORE! I was so happy to see this! All too often I wear shirts and when I go to stand, they also come up with me. I am not sure if you are a women who lived to tell the era of back tattoos but I am. I have one, I am glad I never see it, and I don’t want other people to see it either. Ladies, don’t get that fairy tattoo when you are 18. I guarantee you at 35 you will be laughing at yourself thinking you’d want it forever. Anyway back to the shirt. It really is comfortable. I love that the sleeve roll up. The material is thin enough to breathe and also it doesn’t get all bunched at the elbows when you are wearing it. Another plus for me. I paired this shirt with a pair of Burgundy pointe pants that they sent me. It was a really fun fall outfit.

I love that this top was longer in the back!

Stitch Fix Item Review #2: Ponte Skinny Pant

DICTIONARY Catriana Ponte Skinny Pant SIZE: M $38.00


These are the pants that I was sent and my oh my are they comfortable! First, the waist band is thick which makes it easy to move around. When I bent over, I didn’t have my tummy rolling over the top and then the elastic rolling down. Everything stayed where it was supposed to. They were a great pant. One issue that I do have with pants like this is my legs are not very long so often times they pool at the bottom. I always have extra at the bottom. When I pull them up, I pull too high giving me the dreaded..wait for it…cameltoe. Ladies, I am NOT going to to running around with that mark my word. These pants were so comfy and I loved the waist band on them. However they were a little long for my liking. If they make them in a petite size I would purchase them. I think that the length would be better for me. They are a great price at $38 as well so you can’t go wrong there.

In the above photos I paired the pants with the top that was sent to me in the box. It makes for a really nice fall outfit.

Stitch Fix Review Item #3: Knit Top

PINK CLOVER Amal Chevron Knit Top. SIZE: M $38.00

Don’t mind the cats! They also loved this box.

They called this a chevron sweater. I am not sure how much I agree with that but let’s just go with it. First off this sweater is also very very soft. It is not thick and can easily be worn as a transition item here is California. Chilly nights would make this a perfect grab and go sweater. I also love the color scheme. I feel that it is dark enough for the Fall, but pair it with some jean shorts and you have a really cute spring evening outfit. I love when an item has versatility. The only issue that I had with this sweater is that you could see my bra line through it. I am sure that I need new bras (don’t we all?) and I know that if I tried a company like ThirdLove I would have a lot of help finding a bra that is seamless and would look really nice with this sweater. Right now I don’t have one that looks good. This sweater is a fair price of $38. I think that is a good deal given the amount of time that I can wear the item here in California. I could see myself wearing it for at least 6-7 months out of the year.

Stitch Fix Review Item #4: Floral Dress

VERSE Amanda Dress SIZE: M $58.00

This dress was so cute and comfy, the waistline was just a little high for me.

When I opened the box and I saw this dress I loved it right away. I loved that it was a dress (I am trying to wear more of them), I loved the colors and the length as well. Everything about it was great. The only item that I had a problem with was the tie waist. I never have good luck with those and this dress was no exception. My torso must be short or something because every time I have a tie dress like this it looks like I am tying right under my chest. Clearly it has to be lower than that? Okay so maybe that is an exaggeration on my part but I didn’t like where it tied so I am going to be sending it back. The material was great and it is also lined which I loved. It felt like a great dress and I am sure that it can be worn for a very long time and still look new.

Stitch Fix Item Review #5: Floral Top

BRINA & EM Liari Tie Sleeve Top  SIZE: M $38.00

Super cute all around!

This floral top is so cute and comfy! I love that it is flowy and I feel like I can wear it with jeans for a more casual look, or I can try it with my Spanx faux leather pants and that would also make it more dressy. The detail on the sleeves with the side tie is just enough to make this shirt a little bit fancier than what I normally wear. I have a lot of floral tops from Old Navy and I have o admit, none of them fit right! The shoulders are too tight or they are to high when I lift my arms. This shirt could replace one that I have had forever and does need to be retired. The shirt is also $38 which seems to be the sweet spot when it comes to pricing in this box. I really love it!

Stitch Fix Review: Conclusion

This box had a lot of great items in it, but I do feel like it was a lot of stuff that I would buy for myself. Nothing too exciting (which can sometimes be good). I do have a lot of floral already and although I thought for sure I would be keeping that floral top, I think I am going to send it back. The maroon Ponte pants seem to be the item that I need most in my wardrobe and would make a great addition to the tops that I already have. I am going to be keeping those, and sending back the rest. Each month I want to keep so much more but I know that one item a month will add up to a great wardrobe! If you want to try Stitch Fix for yourself head on over and try it out! When you use my unique code we both get $25 back on our fix, which is a great deal! When you use my code you allow me to continue to shop Stitch Fix and bring you awesome blog posts like this one! Thank you so much for your support.

Do you use stitch fix? I would love to see what you get and feature it on the blog as well! If you are interested in collaborating send me an email at Erin.merrill@gmail.com and we can chat! I always love to hear from my readers.


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