Teacher Outfits on a Budget

Hey teachers! I am so excited to talk about someone I know and love this week! My friend Sarah over at Little Learning Corner has been an awesome resource to so many teachers! First off, she is always on the hunt for bargains for teachers. She also has a Facebook group called Teachers on a Budget. Check it out! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Sarah did a blog post on how teachers can dress the part for less and I want to share some of it with my readers as well! Let’s see how we can get a professional wardrobe…for less.


Did you know, according to neaToday, the average teaching salary has gone down over the past decade?  While I have high hopes educators will soon earn a salary they deserve, this currently leaves teachers to live on a budget.  From the thousands of teachers in my FB group, Teachers on a Budget, I have seen your wish to find deals on everything from outfits for teachers to classroom supplies.  To help, I have teamed up with an amazing friend of mine to help you save on outfits for teachers on a budget.

Teacher Budget #1: White Tree


White Tree is a local (Ohio) and online boutique run by one of my favorite people in town! Lindsay started her boutique in her home, opening her doors and heart to all of the local women flocking to get their hands on these adorable clothes. I recall walking into her home for the first time, and feeling overwhelmed with the love and gratitude I got from Lindsay and her mom, Sandy. I, too, couldn’t stay away, because it was the first local boutique that carried all sizes – from XS to plus size clothing.  She has since opened her own storefront, while continuing to build her online presence on with the help of her trendy team!

Lindsey always supports the local community, and knows that us teachers are on a tight budget.  As you will see in the teacher outfits below, she works hard to keep prices down, and is willing to share a special coupon code to help save you more money! Keep reading to see the adorable teacher outfits and get your teacher discount code for clothes.

The best part about shopping at White Tree Boutique is that you are also supporting a small business. Women supporting women is an excellent way to live! You can check out all the cute outfits and clothing that White Tree Boutique has to offer here. The best part is that there is also FREE shipping if you spend over $75! Score!

Teacher Budget #2: Amazon


That’s right, Amazon. I just discovered that you an buy high quality clothes on Amazon and have them delivered to your door. I was in shock when I found this out. I remember awhile back you never really knew what you would get when you ordered clothes from Amazon, but that amount of teachers who are buying now it is easy to see what is quality and what is not. Several of us will do an Amazon haul review also so be sure to check those out! I have a Teacher Clothing Must Haves section on my Amazon account. There are so many clothing pieces that I wear to work daily that came from Amazon. Check them out and see what you can find!

Teacher Budget #3: Online Resale


Just because we are teachers who have a budget doesn’t mean that we don’t love a good brand. I know so many of us like to indulge every once in awhile on a good pair of jeans or nice shoes. That is where Poshmark and Mercari come in. Teachers, if you haven’t heard of these two sites you are missing out. Poshmark and Mercari allow people to sell clothes at a discount. I have had great success using these 2 sites and have purchased quite a few items. Since you are dealing with individuals, some will ship a lot quicker than others (the have 7 days to ship on Poshmark and 3 days on Merccari). When you receive the items you make sure they are as described and you accept them via the app. If there are any problems you can contact the website and they will help you with a return.


What I also love about these sites is if you want to sell your clothes, you can also! When you sell your items you will get credit that you can either cash out, or use to buy more clothes. It’s a win win situation! If you are looking to clear out your closet, these two websites are a great place to start. If you are the opposite and looking to find some great clothes and great prices, head them as well.

Teacher Budget #4: All Hail Target


You didn’t think that I was going to write up a blog post and NOT include target did you? I know that most of us teachers go to Bullseyes Playground and call it a day but there is more to Target that mini erasers sister. They have really stepped up their game when it come to clothes and I have to say, there is some great stuff. Last time I was there they had a jumper that was so cute, and it was only $30! They are a great find.

When it comes to teacher clothes for you, where do you shop? I would love to hear about the bargains and discounts that you find. Send me an email @ Erin.merrill@gmail.com and let me know where you shop! I always love to hear about your daily deals.