My honest Rothy’s Review

Who doesn’t love a pair of comfortable shoes? I know that I sure do! Also, these shoes need to be stylish. As a teacher I spend most of my day on my feet. Style and comfort are two things that I look at when it comes to shoes. I want to share with you my honest Rothy’s review so you can decide if they are the shoe for you. You can also get $20 off your purchase if you use this link!

My First Impression

So here’s the deal. I’m cheap. I’m not going to lie about that. I used to throw money around and I didn’t care where it went. I would see something and buy it on a whim. Now I need to think about every decision that I make and really want the items that I am going to purchase. When Evan told me about Rothy’s I went onto their website and looked at the price right away. I thought that they were expensive, anywhere from $125-$165 for a pair of shoes. Old Erin would have thought nothing of it but I am new money conscious Erin and I didn’t like the price tag. So Evan did what any husband would do, he bought me a pair for Valentine’s Day.

What are Rothy’s

Rothy’s are also Earth friendly which I love!

Have you heard of Rothy’s? I know that when I got my first pair back in 2018 I didn’t know who they were. I wasn’t aware of the brand, what they were made of or how they fit. I think that it part of the reason why I was so skeptical with purchasing a pair. However now that I know more about them, and I am a loyal customer I wanted to share with you what I know. So here’s the deal:

  • Rothy’s offers flats for girls and women.
  • Rothy’s are made from post consumer plastic water bottles. They also use other sustainable materials.
  • They currently offer four different styles for women: The Flat, The Point, The Loafer and the Sneaker
  • Since they are made of post consumer materials they are machine washable! (YES!)
  • Rothy’s have a price point of anywhere from $125-$165 depending on the style that you choose
  • They also offer a loafer style for girls. They are $65 and are in sizes 10-4

Before my first pair of Rothy’s I was considering a pair of Tieks, but that price point was not one that I was willing to spend. I was an avid Toms teacher and those were a staple in my wardrobe. The only problem I ran into with Toms was they wear down very quickly when you are on your feet all day. I was excited to get the Rothy’s on my feet and in the classroom!

Rothy’s Review: The Styles

Evan had done a lot more research than I had in the beginning and he purchased a pair of the flats for me. I love them! I still only own the flat, so I can’t speak for any other style that they have. I would like to try the point for my next pair. I think they are a little less casual. One issue I am concerned about is the fact that I do tap my toes on the ground a lot, so I do not want it to wear out!


Rothy’s Review: Selecting a Color

I just started Stitch Fix, so I am happy to report that I do have more color in my wardrobe than I used to. Before I started though I was loyal to Black and gray…sometimes I would spice things up with some white! When it came to color, there was no question that black was going to be my choice.


I wanted to make sure that they first pair I got would go with close to everything that I have in my wardrobe. I actually have a pair that is more black and white, however it is no longer offered on the website. They do offer a solid black which is awesome!

Also, if you are a teacher you can save an additional 20% on your pair of shoes! You will need to verify that you are a teacher but once that is done, the discount is all yours! Click Here to be taken to the teacher site. They have some great styles that are for teachers. If you are not at teacher, you are still allowed to shop from the page, you just pay full price for the shoes. Take a look because there are some that are not anywhere else on the website!

I have to say that I am so excited that Evan got me a pair, and I even got another pair for myself in hot pink! These are so fun because even though I do like to wear grays and blacks, I can spruce up the outfit with a fun pop of color. These are just a few of the colors that they are currently offering in the flat style.

Rothy’s Review: Sizing

I fall between a 9.0 and a 9.5 when it comes to my shoes. I am not a small footed girl over here! Rothy’s say that their flat is true to size so Evan ordered me the 9.0 in the black and they fit like a glove. I was so excited. When I ordered the hot pink ones, I got a 9.0 as well however I will admit that they are a little tight. I should have purchased the 9.5 for this color. When I purchased the point, I am going to order a 10.0 size. Rothy’s says to go up at 1/2 a size, but since the pink ones were a little tight I am going to play it safe. They have a great return policy as well so that isn’t anything that you need to worry about! Free shipping and Free returns make it easier!

Rothy’s Review: Are they teacher comfy?

I know that when I look for shoes or clothing, I am always looking at the comfort aspect of things. Let’s get real here people, I am a teacher. That means that I am on my feet a lot. I am always walking around, checking on the kiddos and taking them where they need to go. With that being said I need a comfy pair of shoes.

Something that my Toms would do is they would burn the bottom of my feet. That’s right, I would wear them so much that the bottom would be so worn out that when I was on recess duty I could feel the heat of the blacktop on the soles of my feet. That was something that I was looking to avoid with these shoes. I am happy to report that with the Rothy’s I have not experienced this. I have been wearing the same black pair for a year and a half now, and I still have not worn the bottoms down. I would say that I went these shoes 4 days a week as well. They hold up really well!

Rothy’s Review: How do you clean them?

The joy of these shoes is they are so low maintenance that you rarely need to even think about them. When you do need to wash them you just out them in the washing machine! You don’t need to do anything special. When they go in the wash, it needs to be on cold and you do need to let them air dry, so give yourself a couple of days to ensure that they are dry before you wear them again. It is important that you always wash in cold and never dry, because with warm water or the tasing machine they will shrink.

They also last a very very long time!

Rothy’s Review: Where to buy?

You can buy Rothy’s online through their website. They have so many amazing colors and shoe types that I am sure you will have to stop yourself from going with several pairs. Shipping is always free on orders over $30 which is a major plus to me! I should also mention that they offer FREE returns as well! Buying a paid of Rothy’s is pretty easy, and if you do not like the style you can simply send them back for a refund.

Rothy’s Review: They love the Earth

I have always been conscious of the Earth and looked for items that could be recycled and things like that. Rothy’s are made from plastic bottles which is amazing! Also, they participate in various programs to make the Earth a cleaner place to live. That makes me love them even more.

If you are thinking about buying a pair and have another question that I could help you with I would love to try! Send me an email at Erin.merrill@gmail.com so we can chat and I can tell you more about this amazing shoe!