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Engaging Sight Word Games for the Classroom


Hey Teachers! Let’s talk about sight words.  I have been a Transitional Kindergarten teacher for 7 years and I am all about helping other teachers find fun and engaging ways to help their students learn.  Early Education is where I have spent all of my 11 year teaching career and it is my passion.  I am eager to share my ideas with you and want you to know that even in early education we can help students build their reading foundations in appropriate and engaging ways!

Teaching Sight Words using Engaging Sight Word Games

One of my favorite lessons for Transitional Kindergarten is sight words.  I know, I know…there are a lot of people who will say that this is not a developmentally appropriate skill for students who are this age however when it is done correctly your students are going to thrive and have no idea that they are learning sight words! 

Sight words can be a difficult task for children to learn-mainly due to them being BORING!- so that is why I created engaging sight word games. I always strive to have a classroom that is fun. Teachers and students alike love when learning is fun.  Reading off sight word lists week after week can get pretty boring. I decided to create editable sight word games so that teachers can have a way to make a game with sight words and help their students stay focused. 

Let me show you how sight word games keep my students engaged, and why yours will love them too!

Sight Word Games #1: They are editable

Games that are editable are wonderful for you as a teacher.  Rather than printing off several lists for your students, you can print off just the sight words that you need. All of my sight word games are editable which means that you can fit them to your needs.  They are also easy to use which makes it a breeze to set up an educational game for your students. You can use them in nearly any setting in the classroom from small group, to whole group and everything in between.


Sight Word Games #2: They are interactive

Did you know that students need to move their bodies at least 60 minutes a day to get the proper exercise they need? They need to be moving around and without a lot of recess or P.E. time in the schools this can be tough. Sitting in a chair in class all day is not the way to help students achieve that goal. That’s why I made these games for students to get up and out of their chairs. They can search the sight words around the room!

One way I like to play the games with my students is I print out and laminate the cards (this laminator works wonders!)  I place the cards around the room and students need to stand up, walk around and write down the words that they can read. This is a great opportunity for the teacher as well to do a quick informal assessment.  As the students are writing down the words the teacher can ask them what they word is, and if they student can read the word then the teacher knows they are on their way to mastering sight words.


Each of the games also comes with a recording sheet that is themed to the game as well.  This gives students the opportunity to also work more in a Write the Room type of fashion that students really enjoy. Not only is this a plus for their engagement but it will also help them with their fine motor and handwriting!

Sight Word Games #3: These are differentiated to fit all your student’s needs

As an educator I am always looking for way to help my students.  Differentiated learning is such a big part of school these days that we can find it overwhelming to create several different lessons for students.  That is another reason why I created this game.  Since it is editable you can use any words you like.  Another great to have all your students engaged is use a dry erase marker and write #1-5 on the tops of each cards. The students think that they are working on a different list than other students however this is a great way to assess what words they know.  Allowing the whole class to do something and coming together as a community is a great feeling for both teachers and educators. 

Sight Word Games #4: Seasonal Games are more fun!

If a student sees the same game over and over again it is going to get boring.  They are going to become less engaged and you are going to lose their attention.  What if you took the exact same game and added some fun and vibrant clipart that was relative to the month? Add a paper to write on that has a fun picture on it and suddenly your students think that you have a brand new game every single month! Believe me, it’s true.  My students love to play these games because although they are the same each month, they are eager to see what the theme of the game is.  It really does make a difference. 


Sight Word Games #5: You can add-on to the games!

These games for October are a fun and not so spooky way to help your students learn their sight words! I always offer a fun element for each of the games as well. For the October games my students love when I put on haunted house music while they search for the words. For the Frankie sight word game you could even play Monster Mash and have the students dance around as they search! Another example is a mermaid mania sight word game.  The teacher can play under the sea music to get the kids excited.  There is a fun flip flop sight word game…imagine if you went to the Dollar Store and picked up some flip flops for your group to wear as they walked around looking for sight words.  It’s small items that will keep your class engaged and excited about sight words.

Here are some examples of some of the sight word games:


Overall I am all about making sure that students are still enjoying learning.  I want them to know that when they step into a classroom they are going to have an engaging experience.  That is the goal for me.  I hope that you have found this information helpful and if you are interested in grabbing editable sight word games for your class you can do that here! 

If you want to try out an engaging sight word game for your class, here is an editable sight word game freebie that I have in my store!