Your Real Classroom Must Haves


Hey there Teacher! We are into August now which means that school is either back in session or just around the corner. I love back to school shopping, and I love when I can do it from Amazon! Not only do I know the products are great, but they are going to come to my door so quickly! Let’s take a look at some of my must haves for the classroom. Now, as a teacher that has a theme to her room I know that all the things are necessary in the classroom. However I wanted to bring to you 5 things that I use in the classroom that are FOR THE STUDENTS. These are tools that help them learn, and help me teach things in a way that is fun and engaging for the class. This is not a post where I say “this wreath is a must!” No, the wreath is not a must. It is a want and you can 10000% want that wreath (and buy it to sis, I would!) I hope that you can find items that are helpful in the classroom.

Also, feel free to click on any of the photos to be taken to Amazon to purchase these items!

Classroom Must Have #1: Pencils

If your students are anything like mine, pencils are going to disappear like crazy! I am not exactly sure what happens to these pencils however I can tell you that replacement pencils need to be in the classroom. I like these fun colorful pencils. I wil grab 2 packs of these so I have 4 of each color and that is how the students will know what color table they are placed at.


Classroom Must Have #2: Expo Markers

I use these ALL. THE. TIME. in my classroom. I use them for my white board, but I also give them to the students during small group. They are great to practice handwriting with. You can also have students record their answer or solve a math problem with these. The students simply hold up their own white board when they are done. Imagine all the trees that we could save if we utilized these more in the class! I love these as well because a 16 pack is $10.94 which is a great price!


Classroom Must Have #3: Small White Boards

If you are going to grab the expo markers for your class then you need something for the students to write on them with. These personal white boards are a great deal! In this box you get 12 whiteboards, 12 pens and 12 erasers. I personally do not use the pens that come with the whiteboards, simply because of the smell. A lot of times they are not low odor, which can make you-and your students-not feel so great! (hello headache!)


I use these for centers as well. I will sit with the students and I will say a letter. I have the students write the letter on the white board and show it to me. I am able to see if they have correct letter formation while they write. They also love using the boards since they are a “teacher item” and they know they have to be very gentle with them.


You can head over to Amazon and get these boards for a little under $20. A win in my book!

Classroom Must Have #4: Mini Erasers

Oh mini erasers how I love thee. I have to admit though, I did not use them as much as I wanted to last year. I kept remembering that they would be great for the activity AFTER it was already over. I love mini erasers so much that I am going to dedicate a whole blog post about them. But for now all you need to know is that they are great for the classroom. The main way that I use them is for Bingo placers. I give the students a handful of them and they use them when we play. You can also use them for rewards, with your number line activities, to have students place them on certain letters etc. I didn’t realize that Amazon sold them until recently but I am sure glad I found them!


I found these ones that I think students would love! They are $11.99 for 500 of them as well so you can’t go wrong! A great deal on them. They are also inexpensive enough that if something does happen to them, it won’t break the bank if you need to buy more.


Classroom Must Have #5: Huge Post It Paper

Ok so here is the deal. This is going to be my first year in a LONG LONG time bringing back anchor charts. I know what you are thinking “really sis, NO anchor charts? What is up with you?” Truth be told, I didn’t think that I had time to make them. So I didn’t. Then something magical happened. I discovered huge post it note paper. This stuff is the Mecca of anchor charts. I love that it is large but also small enough to go through the laminator if you need it to. This paper makes it so much easier to create those charts. The best part about it is since it is Post It brand it sticks on the back! Make that anchor chart and hang that bad boy up for all to see sis.


I will admit that this is expensive. You are looking at $19 for 20 sheets of paper. Although this one is costly, I think that it is worth it. I have already made a few charts for the beginning of the school year with it and I am excited to show them off!

BONUS! Classroom Must Have: Teacher Clothes!

Did you really think that I was going to write a blog post and not discuss something for the teacher? Of course not. I also wanted to tell you about Lipstick and Littles. The best place to get your teacher tees. These things are amazing. Every time I wear one I get compliments. The best part is that it isn’t even always teachers that are saying how cute they are. The designs are great, and she is a one woman shop that does a great job ensuring that everyone is happy with their order! Head on over there now for some cute tees! Here are just a few of the designs:


Another item that I love as a teacher is Stitch Fix. If you read my blog often you know that I do a monthly Stitch Fix review each time I get a box. I love nearly everything that comes to me and I love that I do not have to think about what to wear. I just grab something and put it on. Everything is high quality and teacher friendly when it comes to the price tag. Bonnie is my stylist but I know that they are all great! If you click on my Stitch Fix link then you will get a $25 credit to use! How awesome is that? Head on over and see if it’s right for you!

I hope that you have found some great teacher must haves in this blog post. If you did I want to see them in action! Be sure to tag me on social media @classroomsandcats so that I can see all the great things that you are doing. Also, be sure to stick around with the blog because at the end of the month there are 2 epic posts coming: My back to school Stitch Fix review AND my classroom reveal! WAHOO!

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