July Stitch Fix Review


It’s almost July which means I just got a new Stitch Fix box! I am so excited to share with you what I got, what I am keeping, and what I am going to send back.

What is Stitch Fix?

For those of you who are new to the blog or to Stitch Fix here it what it is about.

Stitch fix is an online styling service where you can have your own personal stylist. When you go to Stitch Fix you will see that it is free to sign up. You can create a profile with clothing preferences. You also get the opportunity to put in your size information. When you are all done with that, you can schedule your first fix! Once you schedule your first fix you will pay a $20 styling fee and you will be matched with a stylist. They review your profile and hand select 5 items for you. The Stitch Fix box is then shipped to your home for free. Once you get the box you have 3 days to review the clothing and return any unwanted items. They even send you a return envelope to make it easy and free to return your items! One part about Stitch Fix I love is that if you purchase anything from the box, your $20 styling fee is deducted from the clothes that you keep. Ready to try it out? You can sign up for Stitch Fix today and build your profile.



This crochet top came right out of the box and I took a photo in it, so as you can see it was really wrinkled. I LOVED it the second that I saw it, and I knew that I wanted to keep it. It was a nice off white color with some reall nice details. The pricing on the top was $68. It was a little steep but I really liked it so I was willing. I checked out the tag to see the washing instructions and there it was: DRY CLEAN ONLY. Oh my. Although the shirt is darling, that was a game changer for me and I decided that I was going to send it back. As much as I loved it, I don’t even shop for clothes (because, stitch fix!) so there is a 0% chance that I am going to dry clean my clothes. Let’s get real here. Although this was cute, it went back.

This was a suggestion that they gave me for the top.
I loved the detail that was on the top! It was well made



Let me be real with you. First off, yes that is my cat cleaning himself in the back of this photo. Secondly you are correct in thinking that rainbow toy is also his. Lastly, I thought that these shorts were going to be awful when I opened the box. My girl Bonnie (my stylist, I act like I know her) always has a good eye for me and that is why I have had her do all my boxes. I saw these and was like “whoa sister, what are you doing?!” I even texted them to my friend Mandy and was like wow. Then I gave them a chance and put them on. They are now my favorite shorts and I will wear them every chance I get! These babies are the best. They have an elastic waistband and I LOVE how they fit me! They are so fun and festive too. I can see myself attending all the BBQ’s in these shorts. I actually paired them with the white top but since I sent that back I am going to wear them with a navy shirt. I think that would look nice too. These shorts are great quality and at the price of $58 I thought that they were worth keeping.


This is the outfit suggestion that was sent to me with the shorts. I have been dying to get a jean jacket so I think that this might be the right time to do that! Or I could be real and just ask Bonnie to add one to my next Stitch Fix box…which is so what I am going to do.


I wrote that this was an off the shoulder top, and then I realized that I was not even wearing it the right way! So here is the deal: I swam in high school, and I did triathlons and I kept up the swimming. My shoulders and back are not a small part of my body. They are wide and it is hard for me to keep off the shouder stuff, off the shoulder. This top looked better on me (in my opinion) when the sleeves were up. When I did wear it that way though they were really small sleeves and it didn’t feel right. The top was priced at $58 and I chose to send it back. It was really cute, but I was not 100% confident in it and I was unsure how often I would wear it.


Here we go! This is how the top is supposed to be worn. It really was a cute one, and it was actually on the heavy side which I did like as well. I paired the top with these shorts that I got in my April Stitch Fix Box and it was a really nice pair! These shorts are so soft and they are also a favorite of mine. I love that I am starting to get a sense of style here. Okay look, I know that they are jean shorts but really people I only wear black so this is a big step up for me!

Here is the styling card that was sent to me for the top. I am loving a few of these items as well! However, since I do not own any of these clothing pieces I can’t make an outfit that cute (yet!).



Ok so with this top, I literally had it in the bag ready to send back…and then I didn’t. I really did like it and I wanted to keep this one since it pairs so nicely with these white jeans that I got in my June Stitch Fix Box. I want to celebrate myself in saying that I have successfully worn these white jeans and not stained them. Anyways back to the top. I really liked the fit and I was pleased with the way that it hung on my body as well. It had a flattering way of fitting and that it something that can be hard to come by at times. This top was also really reasonably priced at $38! I think that is a steal for something like this. When I am not wearing my linen shorts to the BBQ I can wear this outfit!


On the style card you can see that this just happened to also be paired with a jean jacket. Another reason for me to ask for one! This top can be worn in the evening and dressed up with a nice pair of white jeans and can also be casual with some jean shorts. I liked that I can wear it a variety of ways.


I will be 100% honest with you. There is nothing that I liked about this dress. The cut was bad, the top was bad, and the straps didn’t fit all that well. I found it interesting because I did get a dress that was similar to this one (literally I thought it was the same dress) and it was black with lemons on it and it was SO awesome!


Here is the other dress that I got back in April that I loved. I didn’t mind that the dress this month was a miss because I had so many other awesome items in my box. I think that this item was the first item where I knew for sure I was not going to ever wear it. The dress was priced at $48 though which is a pretty good deal for a dress if you ask me. This one did go back though.


This is the styling card that came with the dress. It is possible that I would have kept it if I had some items to add to it. Since I was just going to be wearing it on its own though, it had to go back.


All in all I loved the items that were sent. Here is a break down on the pricing as well:

  • Crochet Top : $64 – Return
  • Linen Shorts: $58 – Keep
  • Off the Shouder Top: $58 -Return
  • Halter top: $38 -Keep
  • Dress: $48 -Return

I do spend my own money when I do a Stitch Fix box so it is not always financially responsible for me to buy the entire box even if I want to! I try to make choices based on what looks good but also what I can wear in a variety of ways. I am really excited for the next box since I will be gearing up for back to school and asking for some items that I can wear both in and out of the classroom. If you want to sign up for Stitch Fix you can use my link so that you can save $25 on your first box!

If you have Stitch Fix I want to hear what you think! Send me an email at erin.merrill@gmail.com and let me know! I love to hear from all of you!