How My Side Hustle Saved Me From Burnout


Hey sis, did you know that you can love your job and also love a break from it too? Yea that’s a real thing. Teachers are allowed to love their job and also LOVE summer vacation. It’s okay. I know that for awhile I was guilty when I would tell people how badly I wanted summer to come. Then I got to thinking…teachers pour themselves into everyone else all the time. There are so many things we are teachers need to take care of and to be honest I think it’s exhausting. Having the summer to to take a break is exactly what is needed. This summer I am resetting myself to become a better version of me. This started last year though in July 2018 and I want to share that journey with you. Buckle up friends, this blog post is crazy.

SDE Conference 2018

I mentioned in my last blog post that I attended the SDE conference in Last Vegas last summer. It was epic. There were so many amazing speakers and so much to learn. I had a blast. I also mentioned in that blog post that I met Kayse Morris. I am a firm believer that there are certain people that come into your life at certain times and they need your attention. Rather, you need to get their attention. All weekend I attended seminars and hands on groups and bought a ton of teacher supplies but I couldn’t get Kayse’s classes out of my head. Why was that? She had killer material. She had material that I knew I could use in my classroom. The best part? I knew that if I talked with her, I could make this material too. If you want to read more about that, then yon can head to this blog post

What is Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace for creative teachers to make and sell their items. It is also a place where teachers who are in need of creative material to buy resources. What I love most about TpT is that they have a section now where you can log all the CCSS that are apart of your material you are selling. I love knowing that when I purchase something I am meeting the standards of my state. I first learned about TPT in 2013 and I quickly started up my shop. It wasn’t branded, I wasn’t selling and I certainly wasn’t a premium seller. I was just there to buy materials to make my classroom better. Each time I purchased something I knew that I could have made it myself…so that is what I started doing. I started to create resources and add them to my shop. They started to sell. I thought “WOW! This is amazing!” That is pretty much where it stopped. I would create things here are there and sell them, and of course get excited when I did however I didn’t do anything to make my shop better. One of the best parts of the course was that I was able to go into my TpT store and revamp my products to ensure that they were being seen. Don’t have a TpT store yet? Even better! Starting from scratch is awesome since you learn everything the right way the first time. It saves a lot of time! Already have a TpT store? Awesome! You will gain insight on what you need to do to make your products stand out.


What happened when I enrolled in TYR

I realized later on that I had met Kayse for this reason: She had a course called Transform Your Resources. It is all about how you can turn your side hustle into a profitable gig if you do it right. I KNEW this was for me. The course is an investment and so I had to think about how deep I was going to get, and if I was really ready to commit to something like this. I decided that I was totally ready, and when the cart opened I signed up within the first hour. Little did I know that the following 8 weeks were going to change my mindset and how I look at things forever! The course has information that is top notch. Kayse has spent so much time ensuring that all her students get what they need from her. The best part about the course though? The other teachers! We have a private Facebook group that is filled with hundreds of teachers wanting to learn. Let me tell ya, this is gold. Not once have I been in the group and people have been rude. Every time a question is asked there are people to help answer it. I feel like we are the nicest set of people on Facebook right now and I love it. Not only do these teachers want to succeed but they want YOU to succeed as well. We all want to do well, and although I guess we are technically competition it doesn’t matter. We cheer for each other often and it is amazing.

What did I learn in Transform Your Resources?

In this course there are tons of teacherpreneurs who are here to help. Kayse is the cream of the crop when it comes to produt creation as well. Not only does she teach us how to create but she also teaches us to be successful. That is the KEYWORD. SUCCESS. She will walk you through every single step on what it takes to be a great content creator and also help you with the business side of selling it all. I know that as teachers we LOVE to create. So what are some of the things we learn about creating those awesome products?

Here is a taste of what we learn about in the course:

  • Improved PowerPoint lessons for effective content creation
  • How to create products that are appealing to your buyers
  • What you need to do to ensure that you work stays your work!
  • Disovering the best ways to ensure your produts are seen
  • How to create covers and photos that customers love

How did this help my burnout?

I have to be honest with you sis. I have a class of 26 students this year. This is the largest class I have taught and it was tough to manage in the beginning. It was a tough road to get the routine down and ensure that all the students had everything that they need. It was especially hard to keep up the creativity. I would come home and be simply exhausted. When I enrolled in the Transform Your Resources course though, it brought me new life. I had something to look forward too. I was so excited when the modules would come out and I was thrilled when the exclusive clipart was released. The cool thing about life is when you are really excited about something it will often spill over into other parts of your life. So when I enrolled in the course I was excited about all that came with it. I became a better teacher. I was so excited to create a resource that would help other teachers but also help ME. I was able to create games that were engaging for my students and it changed my classroom. The students were excited to come to school and I was too. I couldn’t wait to try out a new activity with them. Rather than being overwhelmed and wondering how I was going to get through a lesson, I couldn’t wait to get to school and show the kids what I made!

Transforming Your Reality

So here is the deal. You are in control of your life and your decisions. I will say that again, YOU are in control of your life and your decisions. My goal for 2019 was 3 words: GO ALL IN. My reality changed when I went into this course. My confidence soared. Yes, it soared. I am now confident enough to say that I make the riht decisions, I love my life (90% of the time!) and I am 10000% confident that Transform Your Resources helped me with this. I also made the time and I followed my motto of GO ALL IN to make this happen. It isn’t easy but sister it is worth it. If you are looking for a way to grow your business and your confidence then this course is for you.

How can you get in on this?


I was a teacher approaching burnout when I entered this course. I was not a teacher who didn’t like the classroom and was wanting to leave. I was a teacher who has a creative side that I feel like I can’t always use. I was a teacher who found that not only do I want to help children in MY class but I want to help children in other classrooms learn as well. I was a teacher who was looking for a way to help as many people as I can. If this sounds like you then you can do what I did. The best part? You don’t need to quit your teaching job and you make the time that you need for the course. I know that a lot of times we don’t want to add something else to our plate when we are overwhelmed. What I love best about the course is that you have lifetime access! So you can take it at your own pace. Seriously sis, there is nothing holding you back from being the teacherpreneur you want to be. Use my motto GO ALL IN and make it happen! I can’t wait to see you in the course!


When you meet Kayse you will often here her say that the best is yet to come. Sister, it is. I know that I am in a great place right now. Give me a year and I will be in a better place. In 5 years? I assure you that I will have a successful online business selling resources to teachers. I will be helping them make their classroom and engaging place for others. So what are you waiting for? Check out the course here and sign up when the cart opens! The best is yet to come!