My June Stitch Fix Review


It’s June which means there is a new Stitch Fix box that was delivered to my door! I was really excited for this one also since I knew that there was going to be so great summer styles coming my way. If you read my last Stitch Fix Review on the blog you will see that I kept every single item that was sent. This time I opted to only keep one clothing item from the box. Although the prices are set resaonable this box had a few splurges in it which I did love, but they were a little high for me. The box was not a bust though and I did keep an item so it was a win for me!


Stitch fix is an olnine styling service where you can have your own personal stylist. When you go to Stitch Fix you will see that it is free to sign up. You can create a profile with clothing preferences. You also get the opportunity to put in your size information. When you are all done with that, you can schedule your first fix! Once you schedule your first fix you will pay a $20 styling fee and you will be matched with a stylist. They review your profile and hand select 5 items for you. The Stitch Fix box is then shipped to your home for free. Once you get the box you have 3 days to review the clothing and return any unwanted items. They even send you a return envelope to make it easy and free to return your items! One part about Stitch Fix I love is that if you purchase anything from the box, your $20 styling fee is deducted from the clothes that you keep. Ready to try it out? You can sign up for Stitch Fix today and build your profile.

Now that you have a better idea of what Stitch Fix is all about, let me tell you what I got in my June box!

Review of Stitch Fix item #1: Lace Top


This lace blouse was gorgeous! It had a great fit and was flattering as well. I love the detail that was on it. One particular thing that made this blouse stand out to me was the back. I love racerback tops and this did not dispoint. It was perfect with a strapless bra as well. Bonnie (my stylist) added this top in for me since Evan and I will be celebrating out 10 year wedding anniversary this month. She thought that it would be a special splurge for me to wear when we went out. I really debated about keeping this blouse. I love it, and I do want to keep it. The only reason I sent it back was because although it is an amazing piece I am not sure how often I would really wear it.

This lace blouse is really flattering to my athletic body type!

As you can see in the photo above, the blouse has a nice fit, is not see through, and has great detail on it. All wins from me. If this wer priced a little lower I would have kept it. Sadly, it has to go back.

Review of Stitch Fix Item #2: White Pants

Oh, the white pants. Evan has been asking me to try a pair of these FOREVER. I knew that this June box would be the perfect time to ask Bonnie for some. With the weather getting warmer and lots of BBQing and family time, I thought that the might be a versatile item for me to try out. Well, Bonnie did not dispoint when she added these white jeans to my box:

They fit like a glove!

Here is the deal with me and jeans: we don’t like each other. It seems like every single time I go to find some jeans they don’t have my size, they don’t fit, they aren’t comfortable etc. and I just give up. However, this is the 2nd pair of jeans that I have recieved in a Stitch Fix box and the 2nd pair that I am keeping. Yes, this is my KEEP item from my box this month. These jeans fit wonderfully, they are not too high or to low and I can move around in them and not feel uncomfortable. I also do not have to keep pulling them up like I do with so many other pairs of jeans. These are really cute and can be dressed up or dressed down and I can see myself wearing them all summer long.

These jeans also have a slight distressed look which makes them fashionable for this season.

The jeans that were in my Stitch Fix box fit well and also have a distressed look to them, so I know that they are fashionable this season. Another reason to love Stitch Fix: people who have no fashion sense like myself can look put together. These jeans are great as well because they aren’t too long on me. A lot of times jeans will puddle at the ankles since my legs aren’t that long and I am not that tall…a whole 5 ft 3 inches. These jeans are a winner!

Review of Stitch Fix Item #3: Off The Shoulder Top


I really did like this top however I am not used to wearing off the shoulder items. It was a different feel for me and I wasn’t exactly sure where the neckline was supposed to be hitting. The shoulder did have some elastic in them to ensure they would not move, but it wasn’t my favorite style.


The top did go really well with my white jeans that Bonnie styled for me. This top was versatile as well sine it had some really cute ties on the side of the sleeves. It made it more than just a shirt in my opinion. Although the style was cute and I did feel really good in the top I decided that I was going to return this one.

Review of Stitch Fix Item #4 : A cocktail dress


As I mentioned before, Evan and I are going to be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary in a few weeks. I mentioned this to my stylist and so she included this really pretty dress in my box. When I first saw it I was unsure that I was going to like it but of course I was going to give it a try. Tha fabric is really soft and it fit really well. At $138 this was going to be another splurge item for me. Since Evan and I are at a time in our lives where we don’t do a lot of fancy things and all our friends are already married, I couldn’t see another time I wold wear this dress other than our anniversary dinner. I decided that I was going to send this one back as well.


The shoulder bow on this dress is something worth noting. It was pretty. Not too big, but large enough to make a statement. It was one of my favorite parts about the dress! Another plus for the dress was that it had pockets. I mean, any dress that has pockets is a winner in my book!

Review of Stitch Fix Item #5 : Earrings


These earrings are very pretty and can be worn with a variety of items. They matched well with everything that was in my box and I was pleased with them when I saw them in there. They are a little bit larger than the photo shows.


In the end I decided that I was not going to keep these either. I am not one to wear earrings a lot, and I am sure that I will be bummed the next time I do want to wear earrings and I can’t find a good pair!

Review of my June Stitch Fix box

Overall I was happy again with my box and I am really looking forward to getting another one. Orignally I signed up for a box every other month but I have changed that so I am getting one once a month now. They are too good to pass up and I love the style and versatile items that are sent to me. I always feel so good after I get a fix and get to wear the clothes as well. It is like I am a new woman! If you want to try out Stitch Fix you can click here. If you sign up by June 3rd, you will get a $50 credit toward your items instead of the standard $25!


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