How to Create An Epic Vision Board


We might be right around the corner from June but who says you can’t create a vision board any time you want to!? I know that this idea is always the most popular in January, but you know what? Dreams and vision don’t happen ONLY in January sister. They manifest ALL YEAR LONG. I am here to tell you that it doesn’t matter the day of the week, or month, that you many your board. All that matters is that you get it out there and you make one. I am going to give you some ideas on how you can create your own vision board, and I will also show you some of the items on mine as well.


So, what is a vision board anyways? Well according to the Google dictionary a vision board is the following: a collage of images and words representing a person’s wishes or goals, intended to serve as inspiration or motivation. Sounds about right to me! You are going to take all the goals and wishes that you have inside of you and you are going to put them out somewhere you can see them to inspire you to make it happen.


Would I be telling you about the vision board if I thought that it didn’t work? NO. I believe that they do work. When I created my vision board I hung it up in the office right next to my closet. I see my vision board every single day when I get dressed. It is a reminder of what I want in life and where I want to be. So, I created the board and now I wait right? No sis. If it were that easy I would be living on a ranch with 1,000 cats that were rescued and I would have the time, effort and money to take care of all of them. Maybe one day I will! But you need to work it. You need to get out there are take action to make sure that you are living your best life. You need to look at that board and know what you are fighting for. I have some pretty lofty goals on my vision board and I 100% believe that they will all happen.


Before you just start cutting and gluing everything it is important to know the end goal. You need to see things over and over again that you want to come true. There are things on my vision board that are SO not in the works right now. But you know what? I wake up and I see that board and I say to myself “You will have a home in Kauai one day.” I know that is true. When will it be true? Well, one day! I have a hard time playing the “things take time” game and I want it all right now. This year has taught me that it doesn’t always happen right away and that is okay!


It really depends on what your style is and how you want to create your vision board. There are lots of different ways that you can create your board. For my board, I used a white poster board. However, if you wan to change it out year after year on the same board you should use a cork board like this one:

This board is a great way to see your ideas!

This cork board is simple and will make it easy for you to switch out your vision board ideas as your dreams and goals start to happen! I like to keep my visions on my vision board as a reminder of what I have accomplished, but some people like to switch theirs out. You do what is best for you!



If you want to make your vision board a really cute one then I suggest you grab some Astrobrights Paper and Schoolgirl Style Borders. These items are inexpensive but they are going to make your board pop! If you are are a teacher like myself, or have a creative mindset then you are going to want to make your board visually pleasing as well!


This is my full vision board that I look at everyday

Now that you have your materials you need to think of the ideas for your vision board. I know that I want to have a home on the island of Kauai so went online and I found a photo of Kauai and I printed it out. Why not? It’s a big goal but vision boards aren’t meant for small dreams sister.

A goal on my vision board is to have a home in Kauai

A big dream of mine for 2019 was to pay off my car loan. I have had a car payment for the last 10 years and it was time to quit it! Everytime I looked at my vision board it reminded me that I had big dreams and goals, and so my money would get allocated to different places rather than that extra starbucks coffee. I am thrilled that as of May 19, 2019 I HAVE NO car payment. I finally paid that baby off!


I have seen a lot of vision boards that have lifestyle on them. People want to quit their jobs or live their dream life. I have Rachel Hollis on my board with the Get Your Teach On conference under her. I knew that she was speaking at the GYTO conference in 2019 and I wanted to see her speak. I thought that was the only place that I could see her. But in April 2019 I was able to see her spoke at the Kajabi Summit literally 20 min from my house. YOU GUYS. Another vision from my vision board happened! I also have a simple quote that says “anxiety free” on my board. A reminder that I want to be able to wake up and live my life in a way that will not cause me anxiety.

I never thought I would get to see Rachel Hollis speak, but I did!


Running has always been a big part of my life but I want to get bigger and better. I usually set a goal for myself that I know I can accomplish so I am not upset with myself if it doesn’t happen. Not anymore sister. The Mountains to Beach 26.2 marathon is going down in 2020 for me and I am going to crush that marathon. My goal for the marathon is a 4:00:00 finish. The ultimate goal? The Boston Marathon. I also want to exercise, eat healthy and be at a weight that is going to help me live my best life. So I put a photo of that on my vision board as well. A daily reminder that my weight and my fitness aren’t going to make themselves, I need to make them happen.



When you are done with your vision board you can decide to hang it wherever is going to motivate you I hang my board right next to my closet because I go in there everyday to get dressed! You want to see these dreams sister. Do not hide. Rachel Hollis has said do not make yourself smaller to make others comfortable. Get out of your comfort zone and live your best life. I can’t wait to see the board that you create! Send me an email at erin.merrill@gmail.com with your vision board or tag me on Instagram @ Classroomsandcats. I would love to feature you.