5 Ways Selling my Teaching Resources Online Helped Me Grow As a Person


Hey teacher! Let’s talk about how you can grow as an educator when you start to sell your resources online. I know, I didn’t think it would work either…but here I am, selling my resources online. Want to know something? It’s working!

Kayse Morris offers a course called Transform Your Resources and this course is truly life changing. It was something that as soon as I found out about it, I wanted to shout from the rooftops because I was going to change my life! Now, this course is not easy, and it is an investment in your future. My 2019 motto of GO ALL IN kicked into high gear when I signed up for her course. Right now, I am getting ahead of myself though. Let me go back and explain to you how Kayse Morris and her course Transform Your Resources made me a better person.

The teacher conference that changed everything

In March of 2018 I got a flyer for the SDE conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. I thought to myself “You know what? I am going to ask my administration if they will send me. You know what? They said YES! I was over the moon and so excited to embark on this. I had never been to a conference before so I was thrilled for the opportunity. I did all the research on the speakers and picked out everything that I thought was going to be best for me and my classroom. When the conference started I was so excited to be with educators that were also thrilled to learn new things. That was step 1 in my transformation: being around people who wanted to learn.

Then it happened…I walked into a seminar titled “More Recess, Please!” with Kayse Morris. I thought “Hey, I know her from somewhere.” So I did what any other person would do…I googled her. And I found the blog post “15 things that happened when I stopped teaching.” I realized that is how I knew Kayse. I read that blog post months before and I was impressed with her honesty. Now, I was at a teacher conference and I do not want to quit teaching but it got me thinking that I could do more. A lot more. After the conference I went up to Kayse and told her how amazing everything was and how I got so much out of it. She thanked me for coming and we chatted about her resources that she was selling online. When I left that day I knew that I was going to start selling resources online. Little did I know how much it was going to change me as a person. So how has selling my resources helped me grow as a person? Let’s take a look!


1. My creativity came back

I have a confession: I am creative. Yup, I said it. I am a creative person. When I got my first teaching job I thought to myself “I am going to LOVE setting up the classroom!” I really did too! I put in so much blood, sweat, and tears with my classroom and I was overjoyed when it all came together. Then I kept teaching and my sparkle dulled a little bit, then a little more, and a little more. Not because I wasn’t enjoying the classroom but because I got stuck in a rut. What worked last year, worked the year before that, and before that. So why should I fix something that isn’t broken? I realized that apart of me was missing and it was the creative part. When I started to create resources to sell online I honestly became a new teacher. I felt like I was back! I had that glitter back and I was ready to rock. It helped in all aspects of my life too. I wasn’t just creative with my resources. I was creative with my workouts, with my dinner, with my students. It was glorious.


2. Selling my resources online gave me confidence in my teaching

I would also like to admit that I enjoy when people tell me I am doing a good job. I like to hear that people are satisfied with my teaching and that they think my classroom in running smoothly. I love it when parents tell me how much fun their child is having in class. It helps me to be a better teacher. When you lack confidence, you aren’t going to do anything well. However when your confidence is growing you become better at so many things. In March (just a few months ago) I made my first sale of a sight word bundle I have been working on. Guys, I cried. I really did. Someone wanted something that I created! Someone thought that my games were awesome enough for their students. Another teacher out there was going to be using these games in her classroom! I was SO excited about this. I set up my Teachers Pay Teachers shop in 2013 but I didn’t do a lot with it. It has just been about a year that I have really gone all in with it. Every time I get a sale on TpT it isn’t about the money. It’s about the fact that I have created something that is good enough for OTHER teachers. I am meeting a need that they have. That makes me feel good. As I started to see more sales come in I started to gain confidence in what I was creating. I started to think outside the box. That outside of the box thinking has helped me teach more effectively in the classroom as well.


3. Selling my resources online helped me to make amazing new friends

What if I told you that there were people out there that actually want you to succeed? Would you believe me? What if I took it one step further and shared with you that there are other teachers out there, creating resources just like you…and they are going to SHARE what works for them? WHAT? It’s true. There are teachers out there who want everyone to succeed. My friend Kayse says “there’s room for everyone on the playground” You know what? There is. Shortly after going to the SDE conference I started to follow Kayse on social media. She launched a course titled “Transform Your Resources.” I knew it was for me. I joined and I was floored. There were over 500 teachers who wanted to help me. They want me to succeed. They would answer my questions, help me create a resource and give me ideas on how I could be more successful. These women became my people. They became my tribe. I connected with so many of them on a level that was so much more than “help a sister out.” We cheered for each other when we were successful, we rooted for each other when we tried something new AND I even exchanged numbers with a few of them and we keep in touch about life now. I had no idea that choosing to sell my resources online was going to be give me a sense of community. It truly has been a wild ride, but oh my friend what a fun ride it is!


4. Selling my resources online helped me grow as an educator

So, I have created these resources and I am selling to other teachers and they are leaving positive feedback about my items. So the next step? Use my own resources in my classroom. This part was key for me. I would have a great idea and I would write it up. I would tweak it and make sure it was perfect. Then I would test it out on my class. It wouldn’t go well. I would think about what went wrong and how I could make it better. We would try again. Sometimes it would take two times to get it right and sometimes it would take a few times to get it right. Each time I had my class test out the product I was getting valuable feedback. We all think all our ideas are the best. However, it’s the 5-7 year olds that I have testing out the product that are the true critics. By having these kids test out my products I am making sure that they are great and engaging for students. Do you know what happened when I started doing this more? My students started to learn quicker. They had a hands on experience with something fun and they started to WANT to learn. They had no idea that we were learning a new state standard. All they know is that we are having a great time learning. Creating these resources helped me to see the best way for student learning and I was able to really differentiate my groups. Without creating and selling these resources, I don’t think that I would be the educator that I am today.


5. Selling my resources online helped me reach my fullest potential

Here we are, 10 months later. 10 months ago I went to the conference and I decided to go all in with Teachers Pay Teachers and creating resources. I can 100% say that there has been nothing negative about this experience. Everything has been great. If anything, I think that I have had so much more happen than I expected. I thought that I had reached my peak potential as an educator. Boy was I wrong. I knew that parents liked me and I knew that my class was fun, but I had NO idea how much more engaging it could be. My potential really started to grow when I got serious about creating and selling resources. Here’s the thing about selling on Teachers Pay Teachers: other teachers also sell. Other teachers sell amazing products. They sell a huge volume of things. How was I going to compete? I was going to reach my fullest potential, that’s how. The thing about people who inspire me is that I do not look at them as competition. I look at them as where I want to be. I see what they have created and where they are now and I think “I can’t do that unless I reach my fullest potential.” So I get on the computer and I grind, I get ideas and I grind them out. I grind out blog posts. I always make sure that it is my best work as well. The weird thing is each time I create something it gets a little bit better. The resources I created a year ago are awesome. The ones I created last week? Those are even better. The resources that I am going to create next month and the month after that? Ohhhhh sister those are going to be phenomenal.


Bonus! Selling my resources online helps me to be financially savvy

I know I said I was going to give you 5 reasons, but I had to throw this one in. When I first started to create resources I was of the mentality of just GO ALL IN! Buy all the clip art, create all the things, buy more clip art. WHOA. It can be so easy to want to do that but I am here to tell you that this can also help you be financially savvy. When I think of a resource I write a list. What type of resource? Is it seasonal or year round? What grade is is geared for? Where is the clip art going to be placed? It is editable? So many different things go into creating one resource. When I think about all of these things though I am able to make the decision of what I really need to buy for that resource. I spend a lot of time ensure that I am using my finances in the best way. Each month when I see how much I have made, I decide how much of that I am going to put back into my business. I am surprised at how I have been able to make better financial decisions with this small business. That has also spilled out into other areas of my life, which my CPA husband loves!

What it all comes down to is I have found something that is making me a better person. I have met amazing women who are also doing their very best. When you meet women who are encouraging, stick with it because they are hard to come by. If you are thinking about selling your resources online I suggest you head over to Kayse’s site and read more about it!


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