Cat Mom’s Day Cat Lady Box Review

Cat Lady Box Review

Hey there! Thanks for popping in. I am really excited for this blog post because I am going to review one of my favorite things: The Cat Lady Box! They are simply amazing for a cat lady like myself. They never disappoint with what they send either. I want to say right now that this is not a sponsored post, and all the opinions are my own. So here we go!

What is the Cat Lady Box?

You might be asking yourself: What the heck is a cat lady box? According to the Cat Lady Box Website it is:

CatLadyBox is unlike any other cat subscription box out there. Each month, you’ll receive a meowvelous selection of high-quality cat-themed items only available through us. From super-soft shirts and beautiful jewelry to inspired home decor and quirky cat toys, we pride ourselves in creating and delivering the ultimate ways show off your cat lady pride!

I would say that is pretty accurate as well. I love everything that they send me and I have never been disappointed. The quality of everything is awesome too. This months box was awesome since it was the cat mom box. Let me show you what I got!

This cat lady box was purrfect!

Cat Lady Box Item #1 : a cat mom t shirt

Yea, you read that right, a cat mom t shirt. This is EPIC. The one thing I love most about Cat Lady Box is that they use Bella Canvas for their shirts. They are such high quality and really comfortable. I love them. Can we just look at this one? SO. CUTE. In my past boxes I have gotten shirts and sweatshirts and they are all awesome too! I don’t have one complaint!


Cat Lady Box Item #2 : Neon LED Cat Light

This thing is so awesome. It is SO bright and so cool. I love it! The really cool thing about this cat lady item is that it is really pink even when it is not turned on. Another really cool thing about the light is that it is battery OR USB operated!

this is the LED light not turned on
How great is this? Plugged in it is so cool!
This is the plug so you have 2 choices of how to turn it on!

Cat Lady Box Item #3 : Cat Bracelet

What I love most about the jewelry that Cat Lady Box has to offer is that it’s not cheap jewelry. It is really good quality. I love that they use really cute ways to show a cat as well. The bracelet is sturdy but also feminine. The packaging is great as well. They don’t skimp on that!

How cute is the bag it came in?!
The inside of the bracelet even has paw prints!
I love this thick design but also love that it is feminine!

Cat Lady Item #4 and 5: Cat Toys

There are two choices for the box… get a Cat Lady Box with 2 toys for your cat, or you can get a box without the 2 toys for your cat. The toys are awesome and my cat love them…but I have to admit that they love the box even more. They are all about the box. The toys though are really great. You will get 2 toys per box if you choose to add them on. They are really cute toys that are themed to the box. This month we got a red feathered heart and a really cute cupcake. The cupcake is awesome since the top comes off!

These are the 2 toys for May
a closeup ont he cupcake with the top removed. How cute is this?!

Cat Lady Box Postcard

Another really cool thing that they do in the box is they have a postcard in each one. There is always a super cute picture on it as well. This one was not disappointing either. Take a look!

How cute is this? A cat wearing cat pajamas?!

Cat Lady Box Final Thoughts

I have to admit that I have been getting the Cat Lady Box for over a year. There is not one box that I have been disappointed with. I have gotten so many awesome cat items and being the cat lady that I am I love them all. If you are a lady that loves her cats, and also loves to tell other people how much you love cats then this box is for you. The coolest thing about the box? They give back! They donate some of their proceeds to cat shelters which I think is amazing. I am always willing to support a company that is all about animal rescue. If you aren’t a cat lady then I suggest you find one and give her the box. I love this company and I think that every cat lover would be thrilled to get the box delivered to their door!

I love to hear from all of my blog readers so if you have an idea for a blog post let me know! You can email me at erin.merrill@gmail.com to get in touch.