Hey sister, how’s it going? Please don’t answer “fine” without a second thought either. I mean, how is it really going? Ever since I decided to start this blog, I have been wondering what I wanted to talk about and how I wanted to get across to other women that we need to lift each other up instead of tear each other down. As a teacher I also realized that there are days (most days) that I would treat other people way better than I would treat myself. I mean, my job is all about taking care of other people right? So why should I take the time to take care of myself. And then I realized…I MATTER. I matter A LOT. There are so many people that depend on me day in and day out so it is important that I practice that self love. I then realized what my next blog post would be about: Positive affirmations. I LOVE positive affirmations and I want to share my favorite 7 with you today. I hope that by sharing them I can shed some light into your life as well and you can start using these to build yourself up as well. Because you are with it to sister!


This can be a tough one. How can we change our mindset after a day? Truth: we don’t. This is not a journey that is going to take a few days. In fact, I think that this self love journey is something that can last a lifetime. The best way to change your mindset is to practice it. Think about this: what is you started you day everyday with something good? What if you started your day thinking that you are in fact worth it? I know that when I practice gratitude I appreciate the things that are around me. When I am in the classroom and things aren’t going as I planned it can be hard to stay positive. However if I started my day with gratitude, I have a little more forgiveness for myself and the students. It can be tough to remember that kids are simply that, kids. We shouldn’t expect them to be adults and think like us. Practicing remembering that kids are young has helped me changed my mindset in the classroom.


Oh this is a fun game we like to play as teachers. We love to scour pinterest for the next best thing and we LOVE to look at classroom transformations and then think we are less of a teacher because we don’t have $5,000 to renovate our room. We also love to talk abut each other, compare class size, what we wear etc…whatever the excuse is you need to stop it sister. Remember that we just talked about self love and changing our mindset. We also need to stop comparing ourselves to others. We have no idea where Suzie is in her journey so we do not need to compare ourselves. What if you were able to get back ALL the time that you spent comparing yourself to someone else? How much time would you get back? What could you do with that time? Now I know that we can’t get back time but what we can do is start today with knowing that we are worthy of what we have. If you look at other people and compare what you have to them then guess what? Your joy is gone. And that is not fun sister. Nobody likes to be joyless.

I know that this is also much easier said than done. Trust me, I was there. I have to admit that there are times when I am still there. I want to know why they were able to get something the didn’t really work for, or why they get a spell of “good luck” and I didn’t. Why is her business taking off? Why is mine going slower? TRUST THE PROCESS SIS. Now when someone has done something awesome and I wish that I could do it as well, I literally force those good vibes into my head and I visualize what I think it will be like to feel how they are feeling. However, what is really cool is when you find a tribe that WANTS you to succeed. They are so excited when something good happens to you that you are automatically overjoyed for them when things go their way. THAT is a true friendship! Just because there is someone who is cooler than you doesn’t mean that you are uncool. Remember that.


Setting a goal and achieving it is so amazing. There are so many awesome things that happen when you feel like you are on top of the world. Tell me is this has ever happened? You are there, you hit the goal and you are SO excited….for a minute. Then your brain shifts and you say “I can go bigger.” You stop celebrating and go right back to comparing yourself to others. Personally I love parties and a reason to celebrate. Shoot, I got 6 people on my email list this week and I am poppin’ the champagne tonight to celebrate! Also, when I say 6 people this week I really mean 6 people total. The email list started this week. But I did something that I promised myself I was going to do and here I am, writing about celebrating! Every time my friends accomplish something I am right there to cheer for them and say had rad they are. Remember that we are our own hero so it we don’t show up for ourselves, who will?

Kids are SO great at this self love tip. They are all about their success and we can take some advice from them when it comes to this. When they jump rope? They cheer. When they color how they want? They cheer. When they build a tower? THEY CHEER! Take it from a 5 year old, life is meant to be celebrated.

What is self love is we can’t celebrate our success? What is self love if all we do is be excited for other people? We need to get excited for our milestones and accomplishments as well. I keep a journal and I write down 10 goals everyday. I write them as if they have already happened as well. I know that I will hit every single one of those goals and believe me, I will be celebrating when I do! Just watch me.


What’s holding you down? Confession: I have a VERY MESSY closet. Literally there is stuff on the floor, on the hangers, on the top and everywhere in between. It is a mess and I can’t even. I open it, grab what I need and shut it as fast as I can. Does that closet make me feel good? NO. It doesn’t. I always say I am going to clean out the closet and when I do I feel so much better. I feel like my life is back in order and I can conquer it all…until it gets messy again.

You know what is not messy? My classroom. It is so clean and so organized and it is my happy place. I love walking in and knowing that I can find everything. There is something about being organized that makes me love it in here. When things are messy, I clean them up right away and ensure that there is order in the classroom once again. I do not let mess hold me down when it comes to performing in the classroom. I shouldn’t let it hold me down outside of the classroom either!

As I have gotten older I have been able to really decide who is on my team, in my tribe. Who wants me to succeed? Who is there for me when I have a new crazy idea that I want to try? These are my girls. These are the women I want to be around. If you have a relationship (or two) that is taking so much time and energy it might be time to really dig deep and see how this is affecting you. I know that we all have our bad days, but if the bad days with this relationship out weight the good ones you are going to want to take a hard look. I know that I need people to lean on when times are tough but those are the same women who root for me. Having self love means having the ability to let things go that are not helping you move forward.


Positive affirmations have a HUGE place in my life. It was around 2 years ago that I really go into them and I really started to use them. I believe that we are a product of our thoughts and when we have positive thoughts we become a positive person. I know that in the beginning I would say “ok I am going to think this but I do not really believe it.” Well that is NOT going to help. You have to go in with the thought and you have to BELIEVE it. Often times I head over to YouTube and search for positive affirmations and listen to them on the drive home. It helps me get ready for my role in the house and keeps me positive. I have put together 5 positive affirmations that I love to say to myself when I am feeling down. They pick me up so I hope that they can help you with your self love as well.

Self Love Quote #1:

Positivity is a choice, and I choose to be positive.

Self Love Quote #2:

I choose to not take it personally

Self Love Quote #3

I am not my mistakes

Self Love Quote #4

You biggest commitment must always be to yourself

Self Love Quote #5

You are capable of amazing things

I hope that these quotes can help you to really love yourself and can help you to get on a path of health and wellness. Remember that being healthy is not the number that you see on the scale, it is how you feel on the inside.

If you have any comments or ideas for my blog posts please get in touch! I would love to hear from you.


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