My honest Stitch Fix review

I’ve heard of Stitch Fix and I have wanted to try it out for awhile. I was unsure if anything would fit me, and I wasn’t certain I would even like any of the clothes. However, I’m a girl who loathes shopping. I don’t like to go buy clothes and I don’t like to try them on either. So knowing Stitch Fix was going to be sent to my house was amazing. I decided to go for it.

Now, I did a box back in February and I was very pleased with it! I ended up keeping a pair of jeans. There was a blouse in there as well I wish I would have kept also! This time I wasn’t going to let anything slip by me.

I want to give you some truth: I have horrible fashion. I don’t mix patterns, I love the color black and I wear pixie pants every single day. I don’t ever branch out and I rarely will try new things. That’s where Stitch Fix worked so well for me. I was able to break out of my boring wardrobe!

I love Stitch Fix because it’s a $20 styling fee, and that fee is applied to anything that you decide to purchase. So you either keep something and already have $20 applied towards it…or you are out $20. In the scheme of things, that’s not bad!

Here’s my honest review of the clothes, the prices, and the service.


This jumpsuit. Bonnie was my stylist and this piece is amazing. The funny thing is that if I had seen this in the store, I would have passed it by. I wouldn’t have looked twice. But when I tried this on it was magic. The fabric is so soft and really good quality. I loved everything about it.

When you do Stitch Fix, they also send you a style card so you can get ideas about how you can wear the outfit.

this style card makes me think about all the awesome ways I can wear the jumpsuit. Here’s a look at me in the outfit:

I LOVE this jumpsuit! It’s everything I wanted and more in an outfit. I can dress it up and also wear it casual. This was a great find in my Stitch Fix box. It’s a keeper!


oh my goodness. Let’s talk about this cute dress! This is another piece that I would have walked by at the store and thought that it was cute but would have not picked up. I told you that I am not a stylish person. This dress is the perfect length for those warm summer nights and a cardigan would complete the look in the spring. Stitch Fix and Bonnie did it again. I love this dress. At first I thought the waist line was going to be a little high and unflattering however the fabric is so awesome and flows so it makes everything look wonderful.

I think that this dress is going to be great for our vacation. I can’t wait to pair it with some sandals and a cute purse and head out.


Now, I’m a jeans and tops kinda gal and I love me a cute flowy top. This time I got two of them in my box. I was so excited about that! They are both colorful and fun as well. Here’s the first one: This top is perfect for a beach vacation but also for work. Pair this with a cardigan and I’m good to go. I love the higher neckline, although it’s something I wouldn’t have chosen for myself. It shows off the shoulders and does make me feel confident, which is key when it comes to clothing.

This is the top paired with some jean shorts they sent me as well. The great thing about this shirt is that it is a little longer in the back, which I love! It is a nice fabric that is not see thru either, so that’s a win!

The second shirt? Oh my gosh, another winner! It has darling elephants on the front and is striped in the back! What more could you ask for? Oh, you want soft fabric? It has that too. I am so excited to wear this top all summer long. I want to just call Bonnie personally and tell her what a wonderful job she did with this Stitch Fix. It was so awesome. This top is wonderful and lived up to the expectations. I loved pairing it with the shorts I got as well. Although it’s a lighter color, it’s not see thru either which is a huge win. It’s light and comfortable and perfect for spring and summer. I love when I can wear a top to work and then just change the bottoms to make it more casual. This top was a keeper.

here’s a shot of the back. This was a little longer in the back also which is a huge win for me.

the shorts I was sent were also so comfy! What I loved the most was they are a mid rise jean short so I am able to keep everything tucked where it’s supposed to be. Even I get self conscious at times and I like my pants and shorts to cover those areas I’m not thrilled about. These were great. They are also soft for denim and easy to move around in. Not too short, and not too long. The perfect length for me.


The bottom line: I kept it all. I didn’t want to send back any of the clothing and I loved it all. I know that I won’t always keep everything but this box was too good to let go! I am now more excited for summer since I have some great clothes and I am looking forward to having Bonnie and Stitch Fix style me again.

Do you want to get your own box? If you order by April 5th 2019 you’ll get A $50 credit for your box! It’s a great deal you don’t want to pass up. If you order after April 5th you’ll still get a $25 credit. Head on over and get yours now!

Note: when you place an order I also get a credit to use for my boxes!

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