Exciting Beginning Sounds Games

As we approach the end of the year as teachers, we are tired. We want spring break…and the coveted summer break. Although we are tired and looking for the break we do still want students to be engaged and excited about their learning. Enter: phonics games for beginning sounds. These three games that I have come up with and engaging and will help your students learn their beginning sounds. You might also want to use these if you teach summer school so that students don’t forget their beginning sounds. Let’s take a deeper look into how you can teach phonics and beginning sounds the fun way.

3 engaging and interactive beginning sounds phonics games for your class to enjoy.


This first game is going to have your students begging to play again and again. I have combined beginning sounds with a bakery theme, and who doesn’t like cookies and cakes? This game is differentiated and allows the teacher to decide how many beginning sounds the students need it identify. Each card has the choice of either 1, 2 or 3 beginning sounds that the student will need to identify.

One option is to identify 3 beginning sounds

When you differentiate your learning in the classroom it allows the students to get the most out of the game. Students who are not familiar with beginning sounds or are struggling might feel overwhelmed with the amount of 3 sounds. Start with one beginning sound and go from there. Your more advanced students would be getting the 3 beginning sounds cards.

The game is easy peasy to learn and play


A question that is asked is “when can I use the beginning sounds games?” The answer: WHENEVER YOU FEEL LIKE IT! This game is great for small group so that you as a teacher can assess the students knowledge with beginning sounds. You can also use it during quiet work time and have students work in pairs. If you have a student that is done early, have them take out the game and work independently. You can check their work later. The best part? Since there are 3 ways to play you can have differentiated learning in the classroom more often. The students are learning the same beginning sounds skill just at their own paces.

Poppin’ Phonics is a great way to help students learn! Check it out here!


Another fun and engaging beginning sounds game is Poppin’ Phonics! This game includes popcorn holders and the beginning sounds photos are actually on popcorn kernels. This makes it more engaging for students. When I play this game with my class I like to give each one of the a popcorn bag. They place the bag at their desk and then they walk around looking for the beginning sounds popcorn. When they think they have one, they return back to their desk and place it in their bag. I am able to walk around during the game and check for understanding, and the students are up and out of their seats. They are more engaged and their bodies are moving which means they are more focused. This is a great way to get students excited about beginning sounds.

Phonics beginning sounds games are a lot of fun!


A 3 tiered learning game for phonics beginning sounds

Another fun phonics game I have created is Bunny Beginnings…where students will hop into learning beginning sounds and have fun while doing it. I have said it before and I will say it again, teaching phonics can sometimes get boring. Part of the boredom stems from the repetitive nature of learning the beginning sounds. Although all 3 of these games are teaching the same concept, with the same type of game pieces- students will enjoy these games a lot since the clip art is engaging and relative. Some students can be using the Poppin’ Phonics game while others can be using the Bunny Beginning Sounds .

It can be hard to get your students engaged and excited about phonics at this time of the year but with these games students are sure to stay engaged in their learning.

If you have any ideas on fun phonics games let me know! I love to hear what others are doing and how I can make your classroom and fun and engaging place!

If you are interested in these games and checking them out then you can do that here!