5 Letter Recognition games for Preschool and Pre- Kindergarten


Remember in my last blog post when I discussed that I was going to be giving you a sneak into letter recognition games for early childhood? Well, I am still doing that but I am just going to go all in with this and share with you 5 NEW GAMES that I created.  I am too excited to not share it with you and if we are being honest I want to share the wealth!  I don’t want to hang onto a great resource and keep it all to myself.  I want to help you make your classroom engaging and interactive so here we go!

I created these letter recognition games for early childhood  in hopes that you will go to my shop and pick them up and USE them.  Of course I love to help teachers inspire their students but it does me no good if you buy a resource and never use it.  I hope that you out these into action ASAP.  I am not going to discuss all the games in this blog post but I am going to touch on the general idea of the games.

The games are simple for students and provide an element of play as well.  Like I mention in my last blog post we need to let kids be little! We need to let them explore and play in an environment that is welcoming and age appropriate.  These games are both of those.  When you purchase these games you also get several ideas on how you get utilize the games.  I provide some insight on what you can purchase of use as well to make the game more hands on and playful for your class.  Trust me, your class is going to really enjoy these games.

One game that I am particularly loving is flip into summer. This game uses flip flops and cute feet cards to help children identify their letters.  When you purchase this game outside of the bundle you also get the option to write the room. (If you are looking for a write the room activity I suggest this freebie)


This game has a variety of ways to play.  For starters you can choose to make it a clip game or a matching game.  If you would like more fine motor practice with your class I suggest placing the small feet cards on clothespins so they need to clip the match. You can also make this game more moveable by placing the flip flops around the room and giving the students a foot card.  Students need to then walk around the room and find the match.  If your child are ready, feel free to print off the write the room sheet and have students walk around and write down the letters that they find.

There are several different ways that you can help your students grow.  If your students are ready to write the room there are a lot of fun ways for them to do that! Stay tuned for a blog post on that.

For now, I hope that you enjoy the early childhood alphabet games that I have created and if you have any questions as always please do not hesitate to reach out so I can help you!