Games for Letter Recognition

As a teacher I know that it is really hard -and sometimes- can feel like it is impossible to teach the alphabet in a unique and engaging way.  Most teachers are looking for fun and exciting ways to teach the alphabet but they are unsure how to do this.  That is why I have compiled 5 different alphabet games for you. I am going to be discussing each one throughout the week. Each game that I have created is going to help your students become successful with mastering the alphabet. These games all have an uppercase and a lowercase component to them so you can teach both to your students. This is the first alphabet recognition game this week.  I am excited to share it with you!



The first game that I have created for teachers is called Mermaid Mania.  My students love to engage with games that have fun clip art and allow them to use their hands. To make this game even more interactive I like to play mermaid music for them while they are working.

We needs to remember that the students we teach are in fact LITTLE. So let’s take a step back and let them be little! Students who are of early childhood age love pretend play so that is one more way to make this game even more interactive. Pretend that your students have just arrived at the beach and when they are there they find mermaids! These mermaids are searching for their favorite food to eat, seaweed. Ask the students to help the mermaids find their favorite foods so they can have a tasty lunch.


This mermaid game is sure to be a hit with your students.  Who doesn’t love summer and mermaids? I know plenty of adults who love this and I know A TON of children who are eager to go to the beach and spot a mermaid with their own two eyes. If you are teaching early childhood I am sure that you are also looking to get some fine motor skills into your lesson plans.  With this mermaid mania game that can be achieved.  What I like to do for my younger students is hot glue the seaweed onto clothespins.  If you do not want to use hot glue, velcro dots work just as well. Simply place the seaweed onto the clothespins and then ask your students to clip it onto the mermaid.  This will help your students strengthen their hands while they use this interactive game.


Mermaid Mania is a great game for summer school as well.  If you are teaching Pre- Kindergarten, Transitional Kindergarten, or Kindergarten then your students are going to want to be working with the alphabet. I also teach  summer school and I found that it was tough to find engaging games for my students that were age appropriate and also hands on.  So, I went ahead and created my own!




The cards that come with this game are bright and colorful with great clipart.  It has been proven that items that are ascetically pleasing are more likely to be picked up.  It is okay to have something “cute” in the classroom.  Remember that we are teaching early childhood and students need things to appeal to them.  This game will do that. Each game will come with cards that have a lowercase and uppercase component so that you can teach both to your class.


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