Sight Word Worksheets

Thanks for stopping by! Today I am chatting about an exciting worksheet (I know, crazy right?! ) to help your students learn their primer words.  Worksheets don’t have to be boring! My primer word worksheets are a great way to add some spice into your sight word lessons!

Sight words can be overwhelming for little ones, especially if they are not visual learners.  We as teachers know that students learn several different ways.  Some visual, some hands on and others auditory.  I tried to incorporate different elements of learning into these sight word worksheets to engage your students.

This worksheet is perfect for small group, homework, large group or morning work.  Any time of the day is perfect to use these worksheets to either help students learn sight words or to reinforce the word that you are teaching.

In this packet there are a total of 52 sight words.  The words included are the dolch sight words.  They are listed as follows:

all am are at ate

be black brown but


did do



get good

have he



new no now

on our out

please pretty

ran ride saw

say she so soon
that there they this too


want was well went what white who will with



For each word the students need to do the following:

  1. Say the word out loud.  This helps our students who are auditory.  They are seeing and saying the word.
  2. Trace the word.  Students will trace the word 2-3 times. This helps our students who are visual learners as well as hands on. They are seeing the word AND tracing the word.  This also helps with fine motor skills and letter formation.
  3. Write the word. Students will put their handwriting to the test as they are given them opportunity to write the word.  They are asked to stay within the lines on this one so they are focused on each letter and its correct formation.
  4. Rainbow color the word. Students will be using various colors so that they can create the word as a rainbow work of art.  This is especially helpful for our friends who are learning colors as well.  They can go in order of the rainbow of they like.  This will help them to learn their colors as well as patience as they work hard to stay within the lines.
  5. Circle the word. Students will need to hunt for the word. They will be given various words on the page and they will need to look for the correct spelling and circle it.  This is helpful for our visual learners as they are looking.  It could also help with auditory learners if the teacher asks the students to say the words out loud as they get to them.
  6. Build the word. Students LOVE scissors and glue.  It is the prize at the end of this worksheet.  Students are asked to cut out and glue the correct letters into the boxes so they can form the word.  They need to have letter identification skills for this last part.


Once they complete the whole worksheet the students will have a better understand of the sight word that they are being asked to work on.  This is a fun and engaging activity for students and goes beyond the regular everyday worksheet that may teachers have.

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