Count and Write to 100 through Decades

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Counting to 100 seems to be a right of passage when you are a kiddo in school.  Remember when you could finally reach that number without 1,2, skip a few, 99 100? Kids LOVE to count and often times they have a love for math that fizzles out as they get older.  Why does it fizzle out? Is it because it gets harder to understand? Is it because it is not engaging? I think those are both reasons why children begin to struggle.

Growing up I know that I sure had A LOT of trouble with math. It wasn’t trouble like I needed help, it was trouble where I got the help and I STILL didn’t understand what X equaled. It was tough for me and it really hurt my self esteem.  However growing up, differentiated learning was not a thing.  Students were taught the same math problem the same way and if you didn’t understand well, that was on you sister.

Creating this resource for my students has made a huge difference in learning our numbers even at this age.  This differentiated learning Count to 100 page allows my students to start with something that is attainable and not overwhelming.  Can you count to 10 and fill in the blanks? AWESOME! How about 20? Let’s work up to 30 etc etc. This work is allowing students to be successful and achieve their goal.  We work slowly up to 100 so that they can celebrate each milestone as they go.

Another reason I love this resource is that there are 2 different variants that you can teach in the classroom.  One has 3 missing words per line while the 2nd set has 6 missing numbers per line. This will help your students be challenged at the right level.

I created this resource to get your students excited about hitting that milestone of counting to 100. This is a fun and engaging way to get them there. I hope that your students will love it!

If you’d like to grab your own you can see it here: