Kindergarten Letters and Sounds

One of the biggest problems that early education teachers are looking to solve is to how to make learning letters and sounds an interactive classroom experience.  I know that I am always searching for fun and innovative ways to engage my class and ensure that they are having fun when they learn.

I created these pages a few years back and have revamped them quite a bit this year to help your students learn and grow.  These work pages are such a great way to work with students in either a whole group or small group.  They are also a great way to assess what your class knows by asking them to complete this independently.

These pages should be for everyone in the class to enjoy.  The letters are easy to read and correct printing (Thank you KG FONTS) and they are large enough for the students to trace.

I worked hard to ensure that the clip art was also fun and relevant to students today.  I mean, who doesn’t love mermaids and unicorns? Kids love both of those and that is why this is engaging.


I have both an uppercase as well as a lowercase set in my Teachers Pay Teachers shop for you to purchase. You can also save money and purchase the bundle if you are interested! I sure hope that if you do purchase your class will enjoy these as much as my class does.

Here is a link for you to check out the item: